A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
Indiana University
Pennsylvania State University
Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Student Sup 
Committee on LGB Equity, Office of the
port Services
Vice Provost for Educational Equity
705 E. 7th St.
314 Grange Building
Bloomington, IN  47405
University Park, PA  16802
p:  812/855 4252
p:  814/863 7890
email glbserv@indiana.edu
Contact:  Anne Ard
Contact:  Douglas Bauder
Princeton University
Mankato State University  
Princeton Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Center (formerly
Alternative Lifestyles Office)
306 Aaron Burr Hall
Box 4
Princeton, NJ  08544
Mankato State University
p:  609/258 4522
Mankato, MN  56001
e mail:handler@phoenix.princeton.edu
p:  507/389 5131
Contact:  Jennifer Handler
email wokris@vax1.mankato.msus.edu
Contact:  Kristina Wolff
Purdue University
p:  317/496 1647
Metro State College of Denver
Contact:  Richard Morris  
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Resource Center,
Campus Box 39
Rutgers University
P.O. Box 173362
Office of Diverse Community Affairs and
Denver, CO  80217 3362
Lesbian Gay Concerns
p:  303/556 6333
115 College Ave., Rm. 105
Contact Karen Benson
New Brunswick, NJ  08903
p:  908/932 1711
Michigan State University
f:  908/932 8160
Asst. for LesBiGay Concerns
email cclarke@gandalf.rutgers.edu
Student Services
Contact Cheryl Clarke
East Lansing, MI  48823
Stanford University
p:  517/355 8286
Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Community
Contact:  Brent Bilodeau
Box 8265
Northwestern University
Stanford, CA  94309
Michael Bailey
p:  415/725 3112
Department of Psychology
f:  415/725 7713
e mail:  jm bailey@nwu.edu
email troy.gilbert@forsythe.stanford.edu.
Contact:  Troy Gilbert
Ohio State University
Office for Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Stu 
University of California, Irvine
dent Services
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Resource Center
340 Ohio Student Union
106 Gateway Commons
1739 North High Street
Irvine, CA  92717 5125
Columbus, OH  43210
p:  714.824.3169
p:  614/292 6200
f:  714 824 3412
f:  614/292 4462
Contact:  Pat Walsh
Contact:  Dorothy Painter
email:  plwalsh@uci.edu
C a m p u s   O f f i c e s
M     3 3 1


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