A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
United States Student Association
815 15th Street NW, Suite 838
Washington DC  20005
p:  202/347 USSA or 347 8772
e mail:  ussa@aascu.nche.edu
New England Network
The United States Student Association is
c/o Kristen Renn
the recognized voice for students in
Assistant Dean of Student Life and Liai 
Washington DC.  USSA voices student
son for LGB Concerns
concerns on issues affecting access to
Office of Student Life, Box P
education such as financial aid, campus
Brown University
safety, student rights, tax laws, and stu 
Providence RI  02912
dent voter registration.  Our power as stu 
p:  401/863 3145
dents comes from being an organized
f:  401/863 1999
force that holds our nation's leaders
e mail:  kristen_renn@brown.edu
accountable to students.  USSA enjoins
students from all different backgrounds
The purpose of New England Network
to fight for an education which is accessi 
shall be to facilitate an exchange of infor 
ble to all persons, regardless of gender,
mation among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and
ethnic background, sexual orientation,
transgender student organizations in New
physical ability, or ability to pay.  USSA
England and the larger community; to
create and maintain an archive/resource
center that will serve as a central and
National Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual
accessible record of the actions, experi 
Student Caucus
ences, resources, and suggestions of lgbt
student organizations in NE Net; to pro 
National Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual
Students of Color Caucus
vide a forum for furthering the goals of
lgbt student organizations in NE Net; to
assist newly formed and forming lgbt stu 
dent organizations and to sponsor a New
England wide lgbt student conference at
least once a year.
University of California Lesbian, Gay
& Bisexual Association
Charles Outcalt
UCLA LGBT Resources Office
220 Kinsey Hall, Box 951579
Los Angeles, CA  90095 1579
The University of California Lesbian,
Gay and Bisexual Association (UCLG 
BA) is the University of California sys 
tem wide lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans 
gender constituent organization and
umbrella groups.  All nine campuses, the
UC managed national laboratories and
the UC Office of the President are mem 
bers of the association.  UCLGBA spon 
C a m p u s   C o a l i t i o n s
M     3 2 9


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