L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
Lesbian and Gay Community Services
for and with young people who are les 
bian, gay, or bisexual as well as youth
208 West 13th
with gender identity issues.  The Coalition
New York NY  10011
seeks to end discrimination against these
p:  212/620 7310
youth and to ensure their physical and
emotional well being.  The Coalition is
The Youth Enrichment Services (YES)
is a program of the Lesbian and Gay
committed to educating policy makers,
Community Services Center.  This
youth serving organizations, and govern 
program gives lesbians, gay, bisexual
ment agencies about these young people
and transgender youth the chance to
and the issues confronting them.  The
explore their special issues in a
goals of the Coalition are to support youth
healthy, alcohol  and drug free envi 
who face discrimination based on their
ronment that is affirming of their sexu 
sexual orientation or gender identity.
al identities.  YES is designed to pro 
vide these young people with the
opportunity to meet on another, devel 
Project 10
op peer support systems, and create a
Fairfax High School
sense of belonging in larger communi 
ty.  YES is an activities based preven 
7850 Melrose Avenue
tion program that focuses on work 
Los Angeles CA  90046
shops that promote self expression,
p:  213.651.5200 ext. 244
such as improvisational theater, cre 
p:  818.577.4553
ative writing, video production, visual
arts, journalism, and leadership devel 
Project 10 is an on campus counseling
opment for the youth run youth group,
program to meet the needs of adolescent
lesbian/gays in the educational system.
The focus of the model is education,
The Bisexual, Gay and Lesbian Youth
reduction of verbal and physical abuse,
of New York (BiGLYNY), is an orga 
suicide prevention and accurate AIDS
nization created by an for the youth of
information.  Project 10 is committed to
the bisexual, gay and lesbian commu 
keeping students in school, off drugs and
nity, to provide them with the support
sexually responsible.  Project 10 attempts
they can only receive via a social net 
to improve self esteem among
work designed to offer:  Acceptance,
Education, Integrity, Respect, Safety,
lesbian/gay youth by providing accurate
Unity and the Initiative of leadership.
information and non judgmental counsel 
It hopes to empower its members to
ing on issues of sexual orientation  Pro 
take control of their own lives, the
ject 10 also is of benefit to the non gay
world around them and to meet the
population in that the program furthers
changing and diverse needs of our
one of the missions of public education
community and its younger members.
which is to teach children how to live
peacefully in an increasingly diverse
society.  Project 10 is best described as a
National Advocacy Coalition on Youth
dropout prevention program, and the
& Sexual Orientation
methods involved in its implementation
1025 Vermont Avenue NW, Suite 200
are much the same as other dropout pre 
Washington DC  20005
vention programs.  The only difference is
p:  202/783 4165 x 49
in the target group, lesbian/gay youth, a
f:  202/347 2263
group that has been traditionally unde 
served by the educational system.
The National Advocacy Coalition on
Youth and Sexual Orientation advocates
3 2 8
R e s o u r c e s


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