L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
technical assistance to lesbians of color
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
organizations; and forms alliances with
Policy Institute
lesbian and gay civil rights groups
2320 17th Street NW 
nationally and internationally.
Washington DC  20009
p:  202/332 6483
Public Policy Project
f:  202/332 0207
The NCLR's Public Policy Project drafts
TDD:  202/332 6219
and advocates for policies that meet the
e mail:  ngltf@ngltf.org
needs of lesbians; develops lesbian cen 
tered analyzes of issues such as health
care and employment discrimination; and
The National Gay and Lesbian Task
represents lesbian perspective when les 
Force Policy Institute (NGLTF) is the
bian and gay issues are being discussed in
national resource center for grass roots
national forums.
lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender
activists fighting violence, anti gay
Youth Project
attacks by the Radical Right and job dis 
The NCLR's Youth Project works on
crimination as well as working for the
behalf of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and
repeal of sodomy laws and championing
transgender youth who have been
proactive health care solutions for les 
adversely affected by the mental health
bians, gay men and bisexuals.  In addi 
system, the child welfare system, the
tion, NGLTF is a leading resource for the
criminal justice system, and the educa 
news media, providing facts about anti 
tional system.  The Project provides legal
gay, anti lesbian and anti bisexual dis 
representation, advocacy, and informa 
crimination.  NGLTF is committed to
tion and referral.
building coalitions with other communi 
ties working for social change and to
National Coming Out Project
building the political strength of the les 
1101 14th Street NW
bian, gay and bisexual rights movement
Washington DC  20005
at the grass roots level.
p:  202/628 4160
TTD:  202/628 4169
National Latino/a Lesbian and Gay
f:  202/347 5323
PO Box 44483
The National Coming Out Project, a non 
Washington DC  20026
profit educational project of the HRC
p:  202/544 0092
Foundation, encourages lesbians, gay
men, bisexuals and transgender people to
Network of Gay and Lesbian Alum 
be honest about their sexual orientation to
ni/ae Associations
family members, friends, and co work 
NetGALA, Inc.
ers.  NCOP produces pro active events in
c/o David White
all 50 states to issue a call to action on
PO Box 53188
behalf of the lesbian and gay community,
Washington DC  20009
inspiring individuals to come out.  NCOP
202/387 7250
conducts a national public education and
e mail:  netgala@aol.com
visibility campaign in the gay and non 
gay media.  NCOP acts as a clearing 
The Network of Gay and Lesbian Alum 
house for support and reference material
ni/ae Associations (NetGALA), as an
to help people of all ages at all stages of
organization of associations, provides
their coming out process.
national leadership and support to
gay/lesbian/bisexual alum groups and is a
3 2 2
R e s o u r c e s


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