A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
impacts on communities, and we support
f:  212/995 2306
schools in seeking to redress all such
inequities.  GLSTN seeks to develop
Lambda Legal Defense and Education
school climates where difference is val 
Fund is a national organization commit 
ued for the contribution it makes in creat 
ted to achieving full recognition of the
ing a more vibrant and diverse communi 
civil rights of lesbians, gay men and peo 
ty.  We welcome as members any indi 
ple with HIV/AIDS, through impact liti 
vidual, regardless of sexual orientation or
gation, education and public policy work.
occupation, who is committed to seeing
The nature of our case work makes us an
this philosophy realized in K 12
important resource for other lawyers who
are involved in cases which raise civil
rights issues related to sexual orientation
Human Rights Campaign
or HIV/AIDS.  Lambda encourages and
1101 14th Street NW
supports these efforts by providing mate 
Washington DC  20005
rials and strategic advice based on our
p:  202/628 4160
experience.  Through public education
TTD:  202/628 4169
efforts, Lambda strives to give lawyers
f:  202/347 5323
the tools they need to do their work, and
to give non lawyers an understanding of
The Human Rights Campaign (HRC)
how the law functions, how they can pro 
works to end discrimination, secure equal
tect themselves, and the work that must
rights, and protect the health and safety of
be done in order to achieve liberty an jus 
all Americans.  With a national staff, and
tice for all.
volunteers and members throughout the
country, HRC lobbies the federal govern 
National Center for Lesbian Rights
ment on lesbian, gay and AIDS issues,
870 Market Street, Suite 570
educates the general public, participates
San Francisco CA  94102
in election campaigns, organizes volun 
p:  415/392 6257
teers and provides public policy expertise
f:  415/392 8442
and training at the state and local level.
The National Center for Lesbian Rights
Lambda Legal Defense and Education
(NCLR), is a lesbian, feminist, multi cul 
tural, legal resource center committed to
creating a world where all lesbians can
17 East Monroe, Suite 212 
live life fully without fear of discrimina 
Chicago IL  60603
tion.  NCLR works to change discrimina 
p:  312/759 8110
tory laws and create new laws benefiting
f: 312/641 5454
lesbians in the areas of civil rights,
employment, housing, immigration, part 
Los Angeles
ner benefits, child custody, donor insemi 
6030 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 200
nation, adoption, foster parenting, lesbian
Los Angeles CA  90036
health, and youth rights.  
p:  213/937 2728
f:  213/937 0601
Lesbians of Color Project
The NCLR's Lesbians of Color Project
New York
provides legal assistance to lesbians of
666 Broadway, Suite 1200
color;  develops analysis of how racism
New York NY  10012
and homophobia affect lesbians of color;
p:  212/995 8585
designs educational programs; provides
N a t i o n a l   O r g a n i z a t i o n s
M     3 2 1


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