L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
portrayals, working directly with media
professionals to improve their under 
Black Gay and Lesbian Leadership
standing of the lesbian, gay and bisexual
Forum / AIDS Prevention Team
communities, and promoting lesbian, gay
1219 S. La Brea Avenue
and bisexual visibility through public
Los Angeles CA  90019
education campaigns.
p:  213/964 7820
f:  213/964 7830
Gay and Lesbian Latinos Unidos
PO Box 85459
The Black Gay and Lesbian Leadership
Los Angeles CA  90072
Forum (BGLLF), is an alternative for
p:  213/660 9681
African American Gay men and Lesbians
to exchange information and to address
Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund
urgent issues facing the African Ameri 
1012 14th Street NW, Suite 707
can Gay and Lesbian community.  The
Washington DC  20005
goal of The Forum is to help strengthen
p:  202/VICTORY or 842.8679
existing institutions currently serving
f:  202/289 3863
African American Gay men and Lesbians
by tapping into resources to educate and
The mission of the Gay and Lesbian Vic 
inform the African American communi 
tory Fund is to elect a diverse group of
ty, as well as non African American orga 
gay and lesbian candidates to public
nizations, of our unique contributions to
office, to create a corps of talented cam 
African American history.  By exuding
paign professionals who run smart, win 
visible pride in our endeavors, we eradi 
ning campaigns, and to encourage team 
cate all forms of homophobia that have
building and partnership among potential
been intrinsic to the African American
candidates and managers.  
Gay, Lesbian & Straight Teachers'
Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against
Defamation (GLAAD)
PO Box 390526
80 Varick Street #3 E
Cambridge MA  02139 0006
NY, NY 10013  
p:  617/536 3597
e mail:  GLSTN@aol.com
212/966 1700
The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Teachers'
8455 Beverly Blvd., Suite 305
Network strives to assure that each mem 
Los Angeles CA  90048
ber of every school community is valued
p:  213/658 6775
and respected,  regardless of sexual ori 
f:  213/658 6776
entation.  We believe that such an atmos 
e mail:  glaadla@aol.com
phere engenders a positive sense of self,
which is the basis of educational achieve 
The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against
ment and personal growth.  Since homo 
Defamation is dedicated to improving
phobia and heterosexism undermine a
public attitudes about lesbian, gay and
healthy school climate, we work to edu 
bisexual lives by fighting for fair, accu 
cate teachers, students, and the public at
rate and inclusive representation in the
large about the damaging effects these
media and entertainment industries.
forces have on  youth and adults alike.
GLAAD focuses on mobilizing the les 
We recognize that forces such as racism
bian, gay and bisexual community to
and sexism have similarly adverse
respond to positive and negative media
3 2 0
R e s o u r c e s


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