A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
soaring reports of hate crimes and acts of
The state campaign effort disbanded after
intimidation, made this fact abundantly
the election.  The No on 9/Lane County
organization has held together under the
new name,  Citizens United Against Dis 
Incidents of vandalism were reported
crimination.   The Citizens United orga 
across the state in the weeks leading up to
nization has provided monetary and orga 
the election.  One was an attack on a
nizational assistance to rural communi 
Catholic church in which anti gay and
ties in Lane County faced with the  Son
anti most everyone else graffiti met Sun 
of 9  initiatives, and has worked to fur 
day morning church goers.  It was all
ther education about lgbt peoples and the
over the inside of the sanctuary.  Images
dangers of the Religious Right.
of this attack were included in one of the
 No  on 9 television ads.  In the days
I think the energy created at the U of O,
before the vote, people with signs from
and those campuses that were able to
both sides of the issue lined the streets.
mount a serious No on 9 effort, served the
The last message sent out by the
state campaign in a strong and positive
NON/LC steering committee (over our
way.  As Lon Mabon, Director of the
phone tree of 600 people) urged everyone
OCA, said when he announced the initia 
to avoid any discussion or arguments
tive had gathered enough signatures to
with the  Yes  on 9 demonstrators.
qualify for the ballot, the  University
Influence  had kept them from collecting
very many in areas with institutions of
higher learning.  It was my personal goal
to make that university influence reach as
far as possible.
It is important to remember, as pointed
out at one of our post election communi 
ty debriefing meetings, that the OCA and
its various incarnations in other states are
Finally, the work paid off.  Measure 9
part of a movement.  The Radical Christ 
was voted down by a moderately com 
ian Right has a plan and a large, well
fortable margin of 14%.  As expected, the
heeled block of supporters who all vote.
areas of the state with a more urban pop 
The OCA and like minded organizations
ulation carried the vote.  Most precincts
feed, direct and exploit the momentum of
in the southern and eastern parts of the
that movement.
state supported the measure.
Likewise, the effort to curb the agenda of
Since the general election, the OCA strat 
the Radical Right has tremendous sup 
egy has been to return to those counties
port.  It was the job of the No on 9 cam 
and towns to sponsor local versions of
paign to manage the wave of that diverse
Measure 9, called  Son of 9  initiatives.
support, to give clear articulation to
They have been quite successful with a
mutual goals and concerns, and to give
version modeled on the more moderate
purposeful focus to action.
language of Colorado's Measure 2.
T h e   R a d i c a l   R i g h t
M     3 1 5


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