L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
were booked.  This project probably also
ence a student's vote.  The Associated
served as a reminder to include discus 
Students, University of Oregon (student
sion of the measure and relevant issues
government) coordinated both of these
where appropriate in class.  My only
regret is that we did not tailor a similar
letter to campus staff as well.
In preparation for election day activities,
my main job was to enlist as many vol 
Public speaking   The visibility needs of
unteers as possible to help with several
the campus campaign provided me with
NON/LC projects on the larger commu 
opportunities to test my own potential in
nity level.  These included sending peo 
ple to do electioneering at the polling
places, and/or making reminder phone
calls to supportive voters specifically
identified through earlier phone bank
Editor's note:  This is clearly not a thor 
ways I had not expected.  The most excit 
ough description of a Get Out The Vote
ing and challenging opportunity was to
campaign.  For more information, contact
do some public speaking.  As campus
The Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund:
representative of the larger local and
statewide effort, I was called upon to
1012 14th Street NW, Suite 707
speak at the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual
Washington DC  20005
Alliance's  Coming Out Day  celebra 
ph:  202/VICTORY or 842 8679
tion and at a huge voter registration rally
f:  202/289 3863
on the final day of registration.  The cam 
pus campaign coordinator should find
people who can accept these opportuni 
ties if he or she doesn't want to take them
Mention should be made of the fever lev 
el of stress felt by everyone as the elec 
tion drew near.  It was hard to even think
Phase III   Get Out the Vote
about anything else.  Tension and uncer 
tainty grew daily.  Media coverage was
The  Get Out the Vote  phase of the cam 
heavy.  Emotions were ragged and the
paign on campus included two main ele 
threat of violence was ever present.  In
ments.  First was the strategic placement
early October, there had been a fire 
of a few huge plywood signs with maps
bombing of a home in Salem which
of the precincts and their appropriate
resulted in the deaths of a lesbian of col 
polling locations.  Signs went up a week
or and a white gay man.  Well after the
or so before the election so students could
election it was learned they were not the
see where they need to go to vote.  The
targets of the attack.  However, the mur 
second element was a van pool on elec 
ders left a sobering mark on the rest of
tion day to shuttle students to the harder 
the campaign.  Also, the climate of intol 
to get to polls.  University owned vehi 
erance generated by these types of cam 
cles were made available for this because
paigns by the Religious Right is undeni 
the project in no way attempted to influ 
able.  Numerous other incidents, such as
3 1 4
P r a c t i c a l   A p p l i c a t i o n s


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