A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
wherever we knew there would be large
Other visibility ideas   Be creative and
numbers of students.  This led to week 
have fun.  Encourage others to take on
end leafleting at football games.  I coor 
projects.  I attended a meeting early in the
dinated these activities with volunteers
school year of a group called  Concerned
from the campus and community
Faculty for Peace and Justice  to encour 
NON/LC volunteer pool.  We learned that
age their involvement.  I gave them an
the best time to leaflet in most cases is not
overview of the campaign on a state,
while people are rushing to the gates to
local and campus level, then suggested
get their seats, but well before the game
ways they could help.  They did a great
and during half time at the tailgate parties
job of developing some projects and
in the parking lots.
encouraging student awareness and
Volunteers found the full range of
responses at these events.  The same
The University bookstore made a special
pointers about tabling discussions with
effort to direct its annual censorship
people apply here.  Keep it conversation 
awareness week to the issues of the cam 
al, keep it respectful and civil, and don't
paign.  They worked with some of the
get sucked into long debates.  Understand
 Concerned Faculty  group to develop a
that it is okay to point out that you and
media event drawing attention to books
the other person are talking past one
threatened by the measure.
another, rather than sharing ideas, and
that it may be better to end the discussion.
Fundraising    One visibility strategy was
And, again, you don't have to talk at all.
tied to a fundraising effort.  A few weeks
Organizers shouldn't assume volunteers
before the beginning of school, our cam 
will avoid these types of volunteer oppor 
pus committee generated a letter to be
tunities.  For some, it is exactly the kind
sent out to all faculty and graduate teach 
of opportunity to talk to people that puts
ing fellows (GTFs).  It was a letter affirm 
their energy and communication talents
ing the seriousness of Measure 9 and ask 
to best use.  Many voters have honest
ing recipients to sponsor informationa
concerns that deserve a sincere reply.
and fundraising house parties, or simply
to send in a donation.  One group of vol 
It is a good idea to hold workshops for
unteers stuffed envelopes, and the next
volunteers to go over common issues
day another group hand delivered the
raised, and to role play responses.  There
2100 letters to faculty and GTF mailbox 
may be people in your community who
es.  The mailing had to be done by hand
are willing to conduct  non defensive 
because of campus regulations prohibit 
communication skills workshops or simi 
ing political materials from being distrib 
lar  effective communication  trainings.
uted through the campus mail system.
Ask them!
The letter and separate donation request
form were delivered in a self addressed
Leafleting at games can provide an off 
return envelope.
campus reality check.  Generally, people
are not likely to be as sympathetic as on
This project generated a good number of
many campuses.  Finally, work these
personal donations from a category of
events in pairs.  Stay safe.
people particularly sensitive to the threat
of Measure 9, and several house parties
T h e   R a d i c a l   R i g h t
M     3 1 3


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