L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
category of citizens into the state consti 
ed and direct approach is remarkably suc 
tution or not?
cessful.  the volunteers were told to
choose their own comfort level with dis 
The tabling volunteer schedule was
cussions, and that they did not have to get
always at the table.  People were encour 
involved at all if they didn't want to.
aged to sign up for an hour here and there
to help.  For some, this is all they had
These exchanges always attracted atten 
time to do to help defeat the measure.
tion.  I became aware that if handled well,
Any level of assistance was gratefully
they were an effective form of street the 
accepted.  But there were plenty of other
ater.  Discussions were never dull and
ways to help with campus and communi 
they provided a forum to air things of
ty aspects of the campaign, and volunteer
interest to the observers.  Observers
sign up sheets were always on the table
almost always became more sympathetic
to the  No  position, especially when
able to observe the  Yes  arguments dis 
For the first few weeks, tabling involved
solve in the face of reason, and the perse 
setting up each morning at the main
cution style disposition of many of the
entrance of the campus, just across from
more vocal  Yes  supporters.
the University book store.  This was the
location with the heaviest campus foot
In the last few weeks of the campaign, we
traffic.  All students had to pass it at one
moved the table into the Student Union
time or another.  A huge sign with the No
Building so we could show video materi 
on 9 logo was mounted over the table.  It
als.  We ran a taped broadcast of the Phil
said,  Please   Exercise Your Right to
Donahue show featuring local people
Make an Informed Decision.   It could be
from both sides of the issue.  it never
read from across the street.  It was
failed to attract large crowds.  Other
designed to be a safe invitation to think.
video materials included a national Cana 
dian news program taped in Oregon, and
Table staff   usually two people  
tapes produced to counter the video mate 
answered questions, distributed litera 
rials of the OCA.  The goal with the
ture, registered voters, sold campaign
videos and campaign literature was to
buttons, collected donations, recruited
help people not only understand why a
volunteers and directed people who
 No  vote was so important, but how to
wished to become involved with specific
articulate it as well.
campaign needs.
Tabling proved to be a very effective
Lively discussions occasionally erupted,
strategy.  Campaign buttons were every 
but volunteers were instructed to insist
where.  They became a  must have  item
the exchange remain a civil discussion of
for most students.  Slogans included
issues.  If this was not possible, staff
 Stop the OCA  on a neon orange button,
could halt the confrontation.  This was
the standard  No on 0  in pink and black,
usually easy to do by pointing out that the
and the enormously popular  Straight but
exchange was not a discussion of the
not Narrow   No on 9. 
issues anymore, and unless the person
was interested in a respectful dialogue,
Leafleting   a key component of the visi 
they should move along.  This coolhead 
bility strategy was to simply go to events
3 1 2
P r a c t i c a l   A p p l i c a t i o n s


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