A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
would support the dangerous extremism
effort that goes on before and after the
of the Radical Right movement   a clear
campaign process.
threat to intellectual honesty and educa 
tion in general.  This approach made it
My experience on campus is that most
easier to personalize the issue for all vot 
people are interested in being tolerant of
ers and gain credibility for the goal of
sexual diversity in their community.
defeating the measure.
They only need to know that their efforts
to learn are appreciated and that they will
It was important that the NON/LC Cam 
not be overly criticized as they work
pus Campaign be viewed as a credible
through varying degrees of culturally
source of information.  It was also impor 
ingrained biases and misinformation.
tant to respect everyone's process of
coming to terms with questions raised by
I was impressed with the level of interest
the campaign, and to have reasonable
in helping by diverse members of campus
and non campus groups.  Raising aware 
ness was not a big problem because of the
This perspective made it easy for me to
OCA's previous attacks at the polls on
tear down the more offensive stickers
homosexuals and women's reproductive
posted everywhere by Queer Nation.
rights.  Yet, especially on a campus with
Such messages as  B*** F****** is
a constantly shifting population and first 
Fun  appeared on apartment complex
time voters, it was critical to actively
mailboxes, street signs and walls all
develop awareness of the OCA, its anti 
around campus.  I could respect the anger
human rights initiative, and the broader
and fear about heterosexual privilege that
social agenda of the Radical Right.
motivated the stickers, but not some of
the alienating, inappropriate and threat 
Measure 9 and the year of activity lead 
ening messages.  The goal was to defeat
ing up to the vote provided an opportuni 
Measure 9; not deliberately offend voters.
ty to discuss many issues usually avoid 
The outrage and the outrageousness asso 
ed.  It also gave many people the oppor 
ciated with Queer Nation may have its
tunity to express their support for their
place in the larger social process, but it
lgbt friends and family members.
must be managed differently when facing
a vote like this   at least that was our
position during the campaign in Oregon.
Tabling   Our most intensive strategy was
This example relates to one of the main
having an information table set up every
problems of approach while conducting
day, 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m., in heavy
the overall campaign: a electoral cam 
foot traffic areas, from the first day of
paign vs. a broad educational campaign.
school until the election.  This persistent
The rank and file don't always under 
visibility allowed us to emphasize a
stand how and why these are different.
strong educational campaign component
An electoral campaign must hammer test 
with the overriding electoral campaign
ed key messages to influence voters.
theme.  The electoral theme was that
There is seldom any time for the level of
Measure 9 was about discrimination,
educational work required to make voters
pure and simple.  Would Oregon voters
respect queer folk.  That is a long range
decide to write discrimination against a
T h e   R a d i c a l   R i g h t
M     3 1 1


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