L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
registration deadline was in the middle of
was receiving international attention.  It
October for the November 3rd election.
was exhilarating when Clinton encour 
We designed a dragnet style strategy
aged a capacity crowd at Mac Court
which included specific approaches for
(sports facility) to vote  No  on 9.  The
the various on campus efforts, the dorms,
crowd responded thunderously.
and the campus neighborhoods.
Phase II   Education Philosophy
In the student housing outreach, voter
registration cards were included in dorm
The education phase of our plan had
registration packets and completing them
many facets.  Its primary goal was to
was a part of the orientation process.  Our
make Measure 9 as visible as possible so
student government was able to coordi 
that people had to think about it.  It was
nate registration at numerous campus
my belief that if we could get people past
meetings and functions.  They also spon 
their reluctance to even discuss the emo 
sored a mass mailing of registration cards
to all students.  NON/LC was able to pro 
vide substantial volunteer assistance with
Our most intensive strategy
door to door campus neighborhood
was having an information
weekend canvassing efforts.  The highly
table set up every day, 9:00
publicized registration drive included
a.m. until 3:00 p.m., in
drawing attention to the project by local
heavy foot traffic areas,
TV, radio and print media, and of course,
from the first day of school
campus media.
until the election.
All collected voter registration cards
were directed through me and the
tionally volatile issue, we were well on
NON/LC campaign office.  I forwarded
the way to winning.  For many people, to
reduced Xerox copies to the state NON
even say the words gay, lesbian or homo 
office before we turned the cards in to the
sexual in this new human rights context,
local elections office.  This listing of over
rather than the traditional narrow and
6,000 registered students was to be added
demeaning language, would be a new
to those collected from other campuses
and used to generate a get out the vote
mailing list.  All campus NON efforts in
We maintained a tone of respect for the
the state were to report weekly totals of
voters, many of whom would be voting
new registered voters to the state NON
for the first time.  We needed to help them
feel free to make up their own minds.  We
assumed they would be able to come to
The registration drive was enormously
the right decision if we patiently but per 
successful.  The U of O generated the
sistently gave them the opportunity to
highest level of student voter registration
think about it.  Our job was to make this
in the nation (per capita of the campus
process as smooth as possible.
student population).  We were told that
this was why candidate Bill Clinton
We worked to help voters understand that
returned to Eugene on his last round of
a  No  vote was the moderate and rea 
campaigning.  By that time, Measure 9
sonable position, while a  Yes  vote
3 1 0
P r a c t i c a l   A p p l i c a t i o n s


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