A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
basic model adopted by the state cam 
tions of full time students easily repre 
paign for campus efforts throughout the
sented over 60,000 votes, and it was
state.  Because the U of O is a medium 
important to get as many of them as pos 
sized university (16,000), our basic strat 
sible.  The state campus campaign coor 
egy could serve as a model, to be expand 
dinator came down to facilitate the work 
ed or scaled back, depending on the size
and resources of other schools.
Timing of this state meeting was proba 
We were able to generate this framework
bly as good as it could be.  We planned it
before the state campaign had hired a
to coincide with another state wide orga 
state wide campus coordinator.  The
nizational meeting that weekend, also in
State Campus Campaign Coordinator
Eugene.  This way, participants could
was then able to package our work with
attend both.
her supervisors to make it
available to other 
It would have been better, I think, to have
c a m p u s e s .
had a meeting of campuses earlier.  Some
Before this
of those who attended the campus meet 
ing were already in classes and had no
time to really build and coordinate a
strong plan.  On some campuses, nothing
at all was done.  On the other hand, many
students were not back from summer
activities at those campuses not yet in
session.  These problems limited the
number of people available to get busy
link up was official, I had written an
organizing against the measure.
article for a state wide gay and les 
bian news magazine, The Lavender Net 
Perhaps two state meetings would have
work, to outline our plan and encourage
been better, with one scheduled earlier.
other campuses to join in.
But the state campaign apparatus was not
ready early enough with its campus com 
The general campus strategy, as stream 
ponent to arrange it.
lined by the state office, involved three
phases.  Phase I was a voter registration
Implementation at the 
drive, Phase II was a voter
University of Oregon
education/issue visibility, and Phase III
was getting out the vote.
Phase I   Voter Registration
A State Wide Meeting
An outstanding voter registration drive
was coordinated by a coalition of campus
The plan included a meeting of represen 
groups and campaigns for various candi 
tatives from various campuses to be held
dates.  All had their own interest in a
at the U of O, due to its relatively central
strong student voter turnout.  Planning
location to key regions in the state.  The
began several weeks before school.  Once
meeting was held in the second week of
the term began, there were only two
September.  Statewide, campus popula 
weeks to get students registered since the
T h e   R a d i c a l   R i g h t
M     3 0 9


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