L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
too.  The state office was having enough
where they were most comfortable plug 
trouble coordinating limited staff and
ging into the campaign.
equipment resources to manage the
explosive growth of the campaign at their
Differences of opinion about strategy
level, especially after a break in that left
were easily settled by clarifying our com 
equipment and files either destroyed or
mon goal:  No on 9.  Strong ideas about
stolen.  (Security is a real concern.  Take
what needed to be done could easily
reasonable precautions.  Many of our
become a part of the whole package of
opponents are deeply hostile to our
strategies.  Innovative thinking and per 
efforts and our members, and they can be
sonal initiative were welcome.  I encour 
shrewd, unscrupulous tacticians.)
aged people to check in before starting on
their own project ideas.  This was to pre 
Developing the Campus Plan
vent duplication of efforts, to fine tune
ideas so they integrated well into the big
Campus preparations for the election
picture, and to keep on top of what was
began at the U of O in mid July, 1992,
happening.  Peggy Norman, the state
well before the beginning of the school
campaign coordinator, characterized this
year.  I called a meeting of students, staff
process as  like trying to herd cats. 
and faculty that I knew were interested in
helping and who were around for the
The NON/LC Campus Campaign regis 
summer.  Building a strategy chart and
tered as an official temporary campus
timeline, assigning tasks and forming
political organization to gain official
committees early was critical because the
recognition and scheduling privileges.  It
deadline for voter registration was only
was important to exist as a separate orga 
three weeks into the semester and the
nization from the campus Lesbian, Gay
general election was only five weeks in.
and Bisexual Alliance.  There were sev 
We needed to have a plan for voter regis 
eral reasons for this.  First, the student
tration, voter education/issue visibility,
LGBA organization was not in a position
faculty participation and getting out the
to take on such an enormous task.  They
vote.  The plan had to be ready to imple 
had their program agenda for the year,
ment on the first day of school.
such as social functions and  Coming
Out Day  arrangements.  This division of
Weekly meetings on campus continued
purpose served both organizations very
up to the election.  A core of people
well.  Volunteer resources were shared.
formed who developed issue visibility
Most importantly, it was critical that the
strategies.  As the campaign progressed,
campaign effort be understood by every 
meetings became opportunities to keep
one as much broader than just a response
people posted on progress and to brain 
to an issue of importance to gays and les 
storm for visibility opportunities such as
bians.  The agenda of the Religious Right
leafleting at games and events.  Weekly
is a danger to everyone.
meetings also served to update new peo 
ple and to direct them into campus and
In the first weeks we established a state 
community projects.  Who attended and
ment of purpose, goals, identified human
how many attended varied across the
and organizational resources and allies,
three month period.  People decided
identified tasks and projects, and set out a
time line.  This early work provided the
3 0 8
P r a c t i c a l   A p p l i c a t i o n s


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