A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
structure in Lane County began over a
A Campus Link up
year and a half earlier when the OCA
announced its intention to gather signa 
This obviously meant reaching out to stu 
tures for a citizens' initiative.  Their goal
dents.  Organizers felt fairly confident
was to place an amendment to the state
they would be heavily opposed to the
constitution before Oregon voters.
measure if we could get them to register,
to seriously consider the issue, and to the
The proposed amendment would have
polls.  My role as campus coordinator
required the state to define homosexual
was to mobilize the campus student and
behavior as  abnormal, wrong, unnatural
faculty communities at the University of
and perverse.   It would also have
required all levels of government in the
state, including specifically the Depart 
I saw my job as developing and directing
ment of Higher Education, actively to
the wave of momentum in opposition to
 assist in setting a standard for Oregon's
Measure 9 and put it to best use.  I pro 
youth  by affirming and teaching these
vided a campus link with the state and
definitions.  It was the mandate of
local efforts, and helped everyone on
NON/LC to develop and coordinate the
campus know that they were part of a
strategies necessary to defeat this mea 
much larger effort.  This required my par 
sure by as wide a margin as possible in
ticipation in weekly NON/LC steering
Lane County.  We knew the  No  votes
committee meetings, running weekly
from our area would be crucial in helping
campus meetings of people interested in
offset the  Yes  votes from the more rur 
the campus campaign, and attending
al southern and eastern regions of the
weekly meeting with a coalition of cam 
pus groups specifically coordinating a
massive voter registration drive.  Meet 
The campaign evolved quickly into a
ings for the campus campaign and for the
huge effort.  As with any large scale cam 
voter registration drive began weeks
paign to sway voters in our age of elec 
before school started.  Early into the
toral politics, there were clear strategic
semester I cut my class schedule down by
processes and categories of tasks.  On a
half to get the job done.
county (and state) level, tasks included
volunteer recruitment and coordination,
I was something of an information and
fund raising and money management
contact clearinghouse manager.  These
duties, a voter identification effort
responsibilities required my involvement
through intensive phone bank work,
with the NON/LC steering committee to
internal and external communications in
keep campus strategies and volunteer
the form of newsletters and media coor 
resources coordinated with other Lane
dination, coalition building, and a specif 
County efforts.  I also had to maintain a
ic outreach to identifiable blocks of edu 
relationship with the Campus Coordina 
cable voters.  They needed to be regis 
tor at the state campaign office in Port 
tered, informed, and at the polls.
I would have liked more contact with the
state office, but lack of adequate contact
was a point of frustration for other people
T h e   R a d i c a l   R i g h t
M     3 0 7


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