L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
information is welcomed about the activ 
to face attempts to legislate discrimina 
ities of local groups.
As our culture grapples with the reality of
IV.  Notes From a Campus 
non heterosexuals in the population, sol 
Campaign Coordinator
id organizing on campuses can go far to
(By Ron Schlittler)
defeat these ballot measures.  This is an
opportunity to be embraced as we edu 
cate a receptive generation to the truth
The New Radical Right has found a
about lgbt peoples.  It is simply one criti 
potent and lucrative lightning rod.  It is
cal step in a long range social process.
the issue of human rights protections
based on sexual orientation.  Oregon and
I earned five hours of practicum credit for
Colorado were the first states where the
my work with the No on Nine/Lane
Radical Right test marketed their misuse
County Steering Committee (NON/LC)
of the citizens initiative process to amend
as Campus Coordinator for the Universi 
state constitutions at the ballot box.  It is
ty of Oregon.  Anyone attempting the job
part of their broad social and political
of Campaign Coordinator should inte 
agenda to deny categories of citizens fair
grate it into their coursework and person 
and reasonable recognition in matters of
al life.  Whether as a practicum, intern 
public policy, and to obstruct access to
ship, or independent study, it is a full 
the democratic process for those who
time job.  You deserve the credit and the
oppose them.  They feel divinely charged
campaign deserves your full commit 
to transform our system of government
into a Theocracy.  The attack on sexual
minorities is just one piece of their plan
As our culture grapples with
for America.
the reality of non heterosex 
uals in the population, solid
In the 1992 election, Oregon voters
organizing on campuses can
defeated the state ballot initiative known
go far to defeat these ballot
as Measure 9.  It would have required the
state constitution to define homosexual
behavior as  abnormal, wrong, unnatural
and perverse.   Colorado voters passed a
No on 9:  A Project Report
somewhat different initiative known as
Measure 2.  Measure 2 did not include the
The Challenge
harsh language of the Oregon measure.  
The NON/LC campaign was formed in
Eugene, Oregon to help defeat a state 
However, it too was clearly intended to
wide ballot measure sponsored by the
halt, in fact reverse, civil rights protec 
Oregon Citizens Alliance.  The OCA is a
tions gained in the past few years by non 
radical right wing Christian political
heterosexual minorities.  Measure 2 was
machine affiliated with Pat Robertson's
found unconstitutional and declared void
Christian Coalition.  NON/LC was an
by the Colorado Supreme Court, but that
independent campaign effort closely
has not stopped the Radical Right.  Ore 
affiliated with the state wide No on 9
gon, as with many other states, continues
campaign.  Plans to form a campaign
3 0 6
P r a c t i c a l   A p p l i c a t i o n s


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