A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
Christ, but noting that all of chapters are
phere with a spirit of love, with a vision
student run.  Currently, there are more
to convert hearts and impact collegians
than 26,900 students actively involved
into serving Christ passionately!   In
with InterVarsity, making it the  largest
their newsletter, they give national and
inter denominational college student
international updates on protests and oth 
movement in the United States. 
er activist information.  CALL, like
Operation Rescue, requests that its partic 
There is an obvious effort by InterVarsity
ipants sign a statement about rules of par 
to establish its legitimacy, both socially
and financially.  InterVarsity is a member
of the ECFA (Evangelical Council for
Financial Accountability).  All of its staff
members are required to spend one fifth
of their time in fundraising.  They state
that they are neither a cult nor a church,
although InterVarsity works cooperative 
ly with local churches.  In their annual
report, they state their goal of  reintro 
ducing Christ to the campus. 
In their literature, they recruit students to
take part in their  Global Projects  pro 
gram in which students travel to other
campuses, rural areas, and developing
ticipation in the protests.  These rules are
nations as part of a ministry program.
supposedly based upon the commitments
They also encourage youths to help the
of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to non vio 
nursing profession in terms of  mutual
lent protest. 
support, prayer, Bible study and out 
reach.   InterVarsity stresses that their
While reproductive choice is an impor 
main focus is sharing Christian hope
tant issue to the Far Right, they also
through relationship building.
expect to gain members with their cru 
sades for anti homosexuality referenda at
Collegians Activated to Liberate Life
the state and local level.  It is not unheard
of for Far Right groups to work with local
CALL is a network in Madison, Wiscon 
groups who seem to have little in com 
sin, which is active in protesting abortion,
mon, except for seemingly insignificant
particularly in the Midwest.  Their
issues.  These issues, however, can lead
brochure states:   The culture in which
to extensive grass roots activities that
we live is increasingly death centered and
capture regional headlines and result in
anti Christian.  Our Mission is to liberate
little known, but potentially devastating
this culture and those who are captive to
it, most especially the preborn. . . We rec 
ognize that the college campus stands as
For more information, please contact
a cultural centerpiece and represents the
Valerie Dulk at Americans for Democrat 
epitome of our godless, self destructive
ic Action, 202/785 5980.  In addition,
society.  CALL enters into this atmos 
T h e   R a d i c a l   R i g h t
M     3 0 5


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