L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
one publication put it:   You should nev 
Once you have assembled information
er mention the name Christian Coalition
about the local Far Right chapter, put it
in Republican circles. . . Become directly
together in a simple, clear fashion in a
involved in the local Republican Central
flyer or similar document.  Hand out the
Committee yourself so that you are an
material in student cafeterias, lounges, at
insider.   Since Radical Right organiza 
movie theaters, book stores, and other
tions are operated in a top down manner
areas.  Be prepared for a flurry of denial
of decision making, they do not encour 
and insults and combat them with more
age sharing information among the lower
examples from your research.  Know the
echelons of employees.  In many
key players and be prepared to state their
instances, individuals may be unaware
affiliations with confidence.
that a group to which they belong is affil 
iated with the Right.  However, be cau 
When lobbying an elected official, the
tious.  Far Right groups may become
same principle applies.  You must be pre 
defensive and question your actions and
pared to make your case and not be
motives when they sense your scrutiny
deterred by indecision or misrepresenta 
and review.  
tions designed to confuse the case.
Be Honest About Your Assessment
Turn to the Media, But Don't Assume
The best policy when combating the Far
They Are On Your Side
Right is to be honest.  When educating
In your work, you may try to take your
the public about the goals and specific
case to the local media for added expo 
individuals and policies of the group, use
sure.  But do not assume that the media
facts both about the Far Right in general
are without bias or want to help the cause.
and the specific organizations on campus.
In fact, the media can be hostile to your
Keep the focus on the Far Right since
suggestions, especially in cases where the
their tactic is to attempt to reverse public
local newspapers and/or radio are owned
scrutiny onto their  attacker  by
or operated by people sympathetic to the
denouncing the individual as anti Christ 
Far Right.  This can lead to hostile attacks
ian and reckless.  The Far Right tends to
against you personally and may backfire
go on the offensive when under attack.
by rendering the public more sympathet 
Be aware of your tactics and motives
ic to the Far Right.
since you, your personal life, and goals
could come under intense scrutiny by the
Far Right Youth Groups
public and press.
The following are key Far Right groups
focused on recruiting young people.
In addition, don't underestimate their
strength.  One of the favorite examples of
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship USA
the effectiveness and  stealth  quality of
Its  vision statement  is to  Build Colle 
the Radical Right was the employment of
giate Fellowships which engage their col 
covert tactics that scored a big political
leagues in all their ethnic diversity with
victory in San Diego County in 1990.
the gospel of Jesus Chris. . .[and] Devel 
op Disciples who embody these Biblical
Assemble and Disseminate Your Infor 
values.   InterVarsity separates itself
mation on The Far Right in a Readable
from other parachurch organizations on
campus, such as the Campus Crusade for
3 0 4
P r a c t i c a l   A p p l i c a t i o n s


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