A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
III.  How to Win: A Practical
same beliefs as the non youth centered
Guide for Defeating the Radical
groups, including opposition to abortion
Right in Your Community 
and homosexuality, and general intoler 
(Organizing Against the 
ance toward different perspectives.
Far Right on College Campuses)
(by Valerie Dulk, Americans For Demo 
Concerned individuals may suspect that
cratic Action, and Joanne Rising, Youth
their influence may be present on the col 
For Democratic Action)
lege campus.  Radical Right campus
groups may have already been estab 
In order to organize against the Far Right,
lished.  Similarly, the tendency of the stu 
students must first research such groups
dent body to vote conservatively on key
and individuals in order to gather facts
issues may be an indicator of an evolving
about their philosophy and tactics. This
Far Right campus movement, or a partic 
information can then be disseminated
ular school official may be quietly work 
directly on college campuses or to young
ing with the Far Right.  Following are key
audiences in other settings. The media
mobilizing strategies to follow in coun 
may also be an effective vehicle for
tering the Far Right.
informing the public, but don t assume
that they will want to carry your message
Seek Allies
without analyzing it; some media may
Whatever the nature of your concern,
even be hostile to your efforts. Finally, be
allies should be sought before you under 
informed about Far Right national stu 
take an organized attempt to counter Far
Right influence.  Without questions, oth 
ers are equally concerned about the work
of the Far Right and will want to help.  
The Far right relies on col 
lege campuses as a source
Research Affiliations with 
for recruiting young people
the Far Right
to their organizations.  Radi 
Check out the faculty, staff, Board of
cal Right youth organizations
Regents, large donors, radio stations,
are often formed and serve
newspapers, bookstores and campus
as focal point for Far Right
organizations to discover names and affil 
iations of individuals to determine if they
are associated with or participate in the
activities of any Far Right groups.
dent organizations in order to be prepared
Remember, no local organization is too
for their organizing strength.  
small, no individual too insignificant, so
do not overlook even the smallest tips.
The Far right relies on college campuses
as a source for recruiting young people to
Discovering affiliations can be difficult
their organizations.  Radical Right youth
since many individuals and groups will
organizations are often formed and serve
deny they are affiliated with the Radical
as focal point for Far Right activities.
Right.  For example, members will be
They are similar to their parent organiza 
encouraged to join the Republican Party
tions in that they operate with little exter 
in order to influence it, but they discour 
nal publicity and espouse many of the
age mentioning any other affiliation.  As
T h e   R a d i c a l   R i g h t
M     3 0 3


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