L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
RESPONSE:  Discrimination is the
7.   What this is really leading to is mar 
abomination, not lgbt people.  The fami 
riage licenses for gay men and lesbians,
ly values we uphold are support, love,
joint benefits, formalized domestic rela 
understanding and respect between fami 
tionships, child adoptions, the destruction
ly members.  Discrimination and bigotry
of the American family.  This is wrong. 
are not traditional family values.
RESPONSE:  Civil rights laws that
5.   Gay people want to force their
include gay and lesbian people do not
lifestyle on us and take away our rights. 
grant people the right to marry, although
many are currently advocating for this
RESPONSE:  Civil rights laws that
right, as well.  While society perpetuates
include gay and lesbian people do not
the stereotype of all gay people as sexu 
limit the rights of others.  Instead, they
ally promiscuous individuals, it denies us
extend to gay and lesbian people the
recognition of our committed unions.
same rights already enjoyed by most
However, gay people are struggling for
Americans   the right to obtain and keep
legal recognition of our loving relation 
employment based on ability to do the
ships, as well as acquiring employment
job; the right to acquire housing; the right
benefits for spouses which are equivalent
to raise their children; and the right to
to our heterosexual co workers.
live free of violence.  Gay people are not
interested in forcing anything on anyone
8.   It's within our First Amendment
  just the opposite.  Most gay people
rights to say what we think of homosexu 
would prefer to live in privacy, without
intrusion by Far Right Bigots.
RESPONSE:  Right wing organizations
6.   You can't let gays be near children  
hide their homophobia behind the First
since they can't reproduce, they recruit.
Amendment.  While the right wing
And they are all pedophiles. 
demands the right to speak out against
homosexuality, they are simultaneously
RESPONSE:  Statistics show that the
running well financed campaigns to cen 
vast majority of sexual abuse is commit 
sor and squelch positive images of gay
ted by men against women, usually with 
and lesbian people on television, in
in the same family.  One 1992 study from
schools, and in the arts.  The hatred and
the Children's Hospital in Denver
lies that right wing organizations spew
showed that children are 100 times more
create a hostile environment for gay and
likely to be molested by a family member
lesbian people.  Their rhetoric bolsters
than by a gay person.  Sexual abuse ther 
the hatred expressed by the bigots who
apists denounce statements by the Ore 
physically attack gay men and lesbians.
gon Citizens Alliance that linked homo 
A national study conducted by the
sexuality and pedophilia in order to
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
achieve they extreme political agenda.
Policy Institute documented 1,822 anti 
Lies perpetuate stereotypes that are then
gay incidents in just five U.S. cities in
used to deny gay people our rights.  It is
1991, a 32 percent increase over the num 
wrong to deny us our rights based on
ber of incidents in 1990.
those myths.
3 0 2
P r a c t i c a l   A p p l i c a t i o n s


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