A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
II. Countering 
RESPONSE:  Most civil rights ordi 
Right Wing Rhetoric
nances provide exemptions for religious
(From NGLTF's Fight the Right Project
institutions.  And extending civil rights to
one sector of society does not withdraw
Right wing opponents to civil rights for
rights from another.  In addition, many
lgbt people use similar arguments and
gay and lesbian members of various reli 
rhetoric around the country, whether
gious denominations are organizing with 
they're in Corvallis, Oregon; Albany,
in their faith so that religious institutions
New York; or Lebanon, Tennessee.
may become more accepting of the diver 
Each topic begins with the rhetoric used
sity of their following.
by the right wing, followed by some
ideas on how to respond.
3.   They want to be treated like a minor 
ity, like an ethnic minority.  The Supreme
1.   Gay men and lesbians are already
Court says they're not.  And we know
covered under the Constitution just like
they're not because they never rode in the
the rest of us.  What they want is SPE 
back of the bus and they are not econom 
CIAL RIGHTS for gay people. 
ically deprived. 
RESPONSE:  The right wing rhetoric of
RESPONSE:  Like other minorities, gay
 SPECIAL RIGHTS  skews the issue.
men and lesbians face job loss, eviction,
The right to get  and keep a job based on
non service at public accommodations,
merit is not a special right.  The right to
and the loss of children simply because of
have housing is not a special right.  The
who we are.  And like other minorities,
right to be served food in a restaurant or
gay people face harassment, physical
stay in a hotel are not special rights.  The
assault, and murder based on an assail 
right to have and raise children without
ant's hatred against us as a group.
the state seizing them is not a special
According to recent national studies (See
right.  lgbt people want the same rights
the NGLTF annual reports on Anti Gay
guaranteed to all American citizens.
Violence and Victimization, available
However, without civil rights laws which
from NGLTF 2320 17th St., NW, Wash 
specifically ban discrimination based on
ington, DC  20009), anti gay violence
sexual orientation, gay people can lose
and victimization is on the rise, and a
their jobs, their homes, and their families
Department of Justice study reported that
and be refused service at public accom 
 homosexuals are probably the most fre 
modations simply because they are gay
quent victim  of hate crime.  Our Consti 
  with no legal recourse.  Right wing
tution says all citizens are created equal
zealots who speak of special rights want
  that must include gay and lesbian
the very special right to discriminate
against those they hate.
4.   Homosexuals lead an abominable
2.   Local ordinances for gay men and
lifestyle.  People who care about tradi 
lesbians force the rest of us to live against
tional family values must not encourage
our religious beliefs.  We're entitled to
the open expression of this sexual
our rights too. 
T h e   R a d i c a l   R i g h t
M     3 0 1


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