L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
groups question affirmative action.  
ing and the arguments they present, on
Granted, affirmative action laws do not
health care for instance?   There is no
result in perfect decisions.  But do the 
defense against ridicule,  wrote Saul
conservatives have any constructive 
Alinsky in Rules for Radicals.  Ridi 
plan to rectify historic inequality?
culing someone's arguments can be
very effective   especially in those
cases where the Right's arguments are,
Question the arguments directly.  If the
well, ridiculous.
Right is well trained and reaches a
Exclusion: The Free Speech/ Harass 
large audience, your best defenses will
ment Debate
be a good political line.  Keep in mind
The Right may deliberately operate in a
some vulnerabilities of the Right:
gray zone between legitimate political
1)  The  politically correct  label is not
activity and harassment.  The best advice
effective as it once was; it is now a
we can give to a group is to establish
 tired argument; 
clear, justifiable definitions of disruption,
2)  The leftist campus climate that is
harassment, and hate literature in
often alleged by the Right simply does
advance, so that you can defend a deci 
not exist; if you can demonstrate how
sion to take action when your political
Right wing interests dominate your
opponents cross that line.  Free speech is
school's governance people won't take
not without limits; if your school fails to
the Right's charges seriously;
respond to harassment your group can
3)  The Right has often used anecdotal
organize a response.
evidence and bad science; and
4)  The interests of students making
All progressive groups that have succeed 
$10,000 a year are really not the same
ed over the long haul have established
as those of corporate sponsors of the
mechanisms to prevent disruption by
Right, making $300,000 per year.
individuals, Right wing or not.  See the
excellent book The War at Home, by Bri 
Question their  Americanism.   Part of
an Glick.
what makes the US attractive is the
right of citizens to oppose their gov 
Common Questions and Answers
ernment.  If the Right is so patriotic,
why do they oppose our involvement
in dissent?  Remind people that
:  Do you mean to prohibit expres 
sions of ideas which are not  politi 
McCarthyite tactics designed to ruin
cally correct ?
faculty careers are hardly  American. 
Question their independence.  Use this
:  There is nothing wrong with trying
to influence opinions.  There is noth 
Guide to show how your local Right 
ing wrong with trying to establish new
wing group is not an independent grass
standards of decency different from those
roots initiative, but part of a nationally
of our parents' generation.  As peace
coordinated strategy.  Ask the group
activists, our challenge is to influence
who trained them.  At least one Madi 
people by non violent methods, by per 
son center paper has had its funds cut
suasion rather than coercion.  We also
off after printing liberal ideas.  Is there
recognize that people who have histori 
a connection between the Right's fund 
2 9 8
P r a c t i c a l   A p p l i c a t i o n s


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