Chapter 17:  
Compiled by Curtis F. Shepard, Ph.D
right, with increasing numbers of  cam 
pus  publications, heavily financed by
Rare is the socio political movement in
prominent political conservatives who
the U.S. that does not have a connection
may or may not have any real connection
to   if not its origins on   the campus 
to the institution (notably at Dartmouth
es of America's colleges and universities.
and Yale Universities), that denounce
One need only look back a couple of
campus diversity programs and multi 
decades for perhaps the most vivid exam 
culturalism.  In some cases, these publi 
ple of this phenomenon, when campuses
cations have gone further, carrying out
nationwide erupted in protest of this
personal attacks on faculty members with
country's role in the war in Vietnam.
whose ideas they take issue and infiltrat 
ing lgbt groups in order to collect and
Of the numerous issues facing society,
publish the home phone numbers and
including campuses, in the 1990's, none
addresses of members, putting them at
is more potent   or threatening to lgbt
substantial personal risk of harassment or
people in particular   than the rise of the
radical right, a political movement, often
but not always religiously based, that
This chapter introduces ways in which
seeks to restrict the freedoms of anyone
lgbt and allied campus activists are con 
who does not conform to a certain myth 
fronting the radical right, both on and off
ical stereotype of what it means to be an
campus.  It is not intended as an exhaus 
American.  Among those targeted by pro 
tive primer on the radical right or how to
ponents of right wing extremism are peo 
organize against it (for that, two excellent
ple of color, immigrants, feminists, the
resources are NGLTF's 
Fight the Right
poor and lgbt people.
Organizing Kit
and People For The
American Way's 
Winning Through Rea 
College and university campuses are
son, Not Fear:  Meeting the Challenge of
often organizing hubs for the radical
the Religious Right
). Instead, it offers
Thank you to the following organizations and individuals who gave their permission to
reprint material for this chapter:  
The University Conversion Project
of Cambridge,
Massachusetts (phone 617/354 9363); 
People For The American Way
(2000 M Street,
NW., Suite 400, Washington, D.C.  20036) whose publication, 
Winning Through Reason,
Not Fear:  Meeting the Challenge of the Religious Right
, contains the submissions from
Americans For Democratic Action
(phone 202/785 5980) and the
National Jewish
Democratic Council
(phone 202/544 7636), both of Washington D.C.; and 
Ron Schlit 
, who was a student at the University of Oregon in 1992, during  No on 9,  the cam 
paign to defeat an anti gay initiative in that state.
T h e   R a d i c a l   R i g h t
M     2 9 5


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