L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
(Residence Assistants) and the profes 
How are your campus resources dis 
sional staff of R.D. s (Residence Direc 
tributed between specific social identi 
tors).  One of the first things that they did
ty groups?;
was to examine the campus climate and
its readiness for a residential option for
Is the administration supportive of lgbt
lgbt students.  Through their efforts they
students?  How is this support
determined that UMass was a highly sup 
portive campus with respect to lgbt issues
and that they could depend on significant
Is some type of special interest housing
support.  A professionally staffed office
currently in existence within your Res 
serving the lgbt community, The
idence Hall system?;
Stonewall Center: A Lesbian, Gay,
Bisexual, and Transgender Educational
Are there "out" lgbt staff, both student
Resource Center (previously called the
(RA) and professional (RD), in the
Program for Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual
Residence Hall system?; and
Concerns), had existed since 1985.  There
was an organized group of undergraduate
Are there lgbt students and their allies
students in the LBGA (Lesbian, Gay,
who would be willing to live on such a
Bisexual Alliance), an organized group of
graduate students called the LBG GSO,
(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Graduate Stu 
dent Organization), and an organized
Developing a Proposal
group of faculty and staff.  A chancellor 
appointed Task Force on lgbt Matters
If you decide that you have the right cam 
also was in place.  The degree to which
pus climate, you should start developing
your campus lgbt community is orga 
a proposal.  It may be that there is already
nized will be a good indication of your
an official application form or process to
likely success in establishing a residence
create special interest living options on
hall based program.  If your campus is
your campus.  If so, find out what you
having difficulty obtaining funding
need to do.  If not, you will have to devel 
and/or support for a lgbt student group,
op your own process.  Putting it down in
attempting to create an entire floor for the
writing will be important.  This process
queer community probably isn't going to
forces you to clarify your goals and
be successful.  Here are some questions
develop a plan of action.  The other sec 
to think about in paying attention to the
tions in this chapter elaborate on issues
campus climate on lgbt issues:
that your proposal will need to address,
such as location, staffing, training, and
What are the campus resources for lgbt
community development.
students and staff?  How might they
contribute or hinder the success of a
Once your proposal is finished you might
want to meet with other lgbt groups on
campus (student, faculty, staff,
How is your campus dealing with oth 
alumni/ae), as well as other progressive
er issues of identity and multi cultural 
groups who are allies.  It is useful to get
letters of support to accompany your pro 
posal.  You may want to follow the indi 
2 9 0
P r a c t i c a l   A p p l i c a t i o n s


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