L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
For more information on existing lgbt
City College of San Francisco
studies programs contact:
Gay and Lesbian Studies Department
Box L 169 
The Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies
San Francisco, CA  94112
415/239 3000
The Graduate School and 
University Center of the 
Yale University
City University of New York
Lesbian and Gay Studies Center
33 W. 42 Street, Room 404N
Box 2585 Yale Stn.
New York, NY  10036 8099.
New Haven, CT  06520
212/642 2924
203/432 0984
For several years CLAGS has been circu 
UC Berkeley
lating a questionnaire to scholars working
in lgbt studies asking for information
University of California, Berkeley
about their careers, interests and publica 
300 Eshleman Hall, UCB
tions.  This information is the basis of a
Berkeley, CA  94720
computerized data base that is available
415/642 6000
in book form.  The  CLAGS Directory of
Lesbian and Gay Studies is 196 pages
with cross listings by disciplinary field,
institution and geographical location.
From queer theory to biological research,
independent to university based scholars,
established figures to the next generation,
some 600 scholars are listed.  The Direc 
tory may be obtained by sending $10 plus
$1.50 for shipping to the above address.
Center for Scholars in Residence at the
University of Southern California
Walter L. Williams, Ph.D.
Professor of Anthropology
Program for the Study of Women and
Men in Society
Los Angeles, CA  90089 0036
Call 213/740 1900 for more information.
The special area of focus for this center is
lgbt studies.  It is enhanced by the pres 
ence on the USC campus of the Interna 
tional Gay and Lesbian Archives and the
ONE Institute.
2 8 8
P r a c t i c a l   A p p l i c a t i o n s


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