A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
emphasis on lgbt topics at UCLA, it
challenging.  At this writing, discussions
became apparent that much of the initial
are still under way at UCLA.
lgbt curriculum would be comprised of
courses taught by visiting faculty or by
5) Reach Out To On Campus Organi 
newly recruited faculty whose profes 
For over a year, the possibility
sional careers were strongly identified
of a lgbt studies curriculum had been a
with lgbt studies.
regular topic at weekly meetings of the
LGBT Rap, a support group for lgbt stu 
Identifying such faculty, particularly
dents and their allies, and other gather 
women and people of color, thus held a
ings of lgbt people across the campus.
high priority with members of the Task
Petitions expressing support for the pro 
Force, who began a search of relevant
gram were circulated at many of these
dissertation topics and promising gradu 
gatherings.  These signed petitions were
ate students nearing completion of their
slated to accompany the proposed pro 
gram upon its submission.
The Task Force produced an inventory of
6) Reach Out to the Broader LGBT
existing UCLA courses that cover at least
A parallel outreach effort
some lgbt subject matter.  This inventory
targeting the broader lgbt and progressive
political communities in Los Angeles
was also undertaken.  Letters of support
If a student or students
were solicited (and received) from
would like to see a lgbt view 
Lawyers for Human Rights (Los Angeles 
point presented in classes, it
lesbian and gay bar association), the Gay
is important for them to voice
and Lesbian Alliance Against Defama 
their concerns to their pro 
tion (GLAAD), Project 10, the National
Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF),
the American Civil Liberties Union
provided information on the frequency
(ACLU), People For the American Way
with which a given course is offered,
(PFAW), and the Los Angeles Gay and
instructor and instructor status, whether
Lesbian Community Services Center.
syllabi are on file in the Task Force office,
UCLA s Lambda Alumni Association
degree of lgbt content and whether the
was also instrumental in eliciting com 
instructor had been recruited for the Task
munity support.
While this is by no means an exhaustive
Once this inventory of existing courses
list of tasks undertaken in the develop 
with lgbt related subject matter was com 
ment of UCLA s lgbt studies program
pleted, the Task Force developed a list of
(which is still under way at this writing),
suggested additional course offerings.
it provides something of a road map for
those interested in developing such a pro 
4) Determine an Administrative/Acad 
gram.  The complexity of the process will
emic "Home" for the Program.
depend upon the size and complexity of
the multi disciplinary nature of the lgbt
your institution.
studies program, finding an academic
department in which to locate it proved
L G B T   S t u d i e s     M     2 8 7


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