L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
the comparative advantages of the dif 
other appropriate professional schools
ferent ways in which other multi disci 
to serve on the Task Force;
plinary programs are offered on the
developing a file of descriptive materi 
al on lgbt studies programs elsewhere
the possibility of start up financial sup 
in the U.S.;
port for the lgbt curriculum from the
university s Council on Educational
developing a strategy for ensuring stu 
Development, the body that oversees
dent participation in curriculum plan 
the development of new curricula;
ning and program implementation;
ways to ensure that diverse constituen 
developing a draft undergraduate cur 
cies across campus are involved in the
process.  Of particular concern is stu 
dent representation;
determining an appropriate lgbt studies
program format;
the development of strong working
relationships with Women s Studies,
developing a Faculty Advisory Com 
the Lesbian and Gay Faculty/Staff Net 
mittee format;
work, undergraduate and graduate stu 
dent groups, the Lambda Alumni
preparing a draft program proposal on
Association, and the larger lgbt com 
these issues by a certain date;
munity in Los Angeles;
developing and implementing a Distin 
planning for a lgbt lecture series; and
guished Lecturer series in lgbt Studies;
building the library s collection of lgbt
establishing a working relationship
with relevant UCLA development offi 
cers, a liaison with university librarians
2) Formalize a Task Force Charged
charged with maintaining UCLA s lgbt
With the Actual Development of the
collections, and communication with
LGBT Studies Program.
This body,
other lgbt related groups at UCLA; and
established formally by the Chancellor
and other senior administrators, was
undertaking other charges as mutually
charged with: 
agreed upon by Task Force members.
developing a proposal for the estab 
lishment of an academically distin 
3) Develop a Curriculum.
From the
guished undergraduate program of
outset of its meetings and discussions, the
lgbt studies at UCLA;
Task Force worked with a conceptual
model of curriculum consisting of an
introductory course, followed by a series
identifying UCLA Senate faculty  
particularly women and people of col 
of electives, and concluding with a cap 
or   representing the social sciences
stone, field studies based seminar.  Given
and humanities, the arts, science and
that there were relatively few existing
applied science, law, social welfare and
undergraduate courses with a major
2 8 6
P r a c t i c a l   A p p l i c a t i o n s


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