A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
issues and concerns throughout the entire
numbers of students, faculty, and staff.
campus community.  The spring 1995
(3) Network both on your own campus
commencement ceremony at Bradford
and with other campuses.  On campus it
College in Haverhill, Massachusetts fea 
is important to strengthen the lgbt group
tured an address by transgender activist
as well as to work with other "minority"
Leslie Feinberg after the senior class had
groups in order to make the effort multi 
voted Feinberg their first choice as com 
cultural.  It is also necessary to network
mencement speaker.  Many of the seniors
with other campuses with institutions that
had read Feinberg s novel, 
Stone Butch
have already undergone the process of
, in their humanities class on the
establishing programs in lgbt studies. 
topic of the nature of oppression.
UCLA provides an example of a
If a student or students would like to see
process for developing a lgbt studies
a lgbt viewpoint presented in their class 
es, it is important for them to voice their
UCLA has a long history of lgbt student
concerns to their professors.  If a given
activism, an effective faculty/staff orga 
faculty member does not seem to be very
nization, and other aspects that invite
aware of existing lgbt scholarship, it
progress on lgbt issues on the campus.
would not be out of line for a student to
The process began formally with a pro 
volunteer information about available
posal to the Chancellor by the Chancel 
lor s Advisory Committee on the Lesbian
and Gay Community at UCLA to dedi 
LGBT Studies Programs
cate funds for the development of a lgbt
studies program.  Once funds were com 
Although their numbers are growing, cur 
mitted by the Chancellor, the following
rently there are only a handful of lgbt
steps, slightly adapted here to make them
studies departments in the country.  These
more generalizeable, were undertaken:
departments are frequently comparable to
multi disciplinary women s and ethnic
1) Conduct Informational Meetings.
studies programs in which classes from a
Led by a faculty member of the Chancel 
broad range of subjects (e.g., Psychology,
lor s Advisory Committee, discussions
English, American Studies) are taught
focused on:
from a specific perspective.  Although the
overall number of lgbt programs is rela 
identification of existing lgbt resources
at UCLA and on other campuses;
tively small, we can still learn from those
programs that have succeeded.  Some
common strategies bear mentioning and
the central role of Senate faculty in
planning a lgbt curriculum;
are described below.
Generally speaking, it is crucial to:  (1)
possible areas of curricula concentra 
identify a faculty member who is willing
tion   the arts and humanities; theater,
to take a leadership role in developing the
film, and television; the social sci 
program.  This will lend to the credibility
ences; law; education; public policy
of the program in the eyes of both facul 
and social welfare; and the life and
ty and administration.  (2) Create a board
health sciences;
of directors comprised of representative
L G B T   S t u d i e s     M     2 8 5


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