L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
to the exploration of the full range of
confer with the Women s Studies Depart 
human diversity?  How is the institution
ment (providing one exists on your cam 
itself being placed at a competitive disad 
pus).  Because such programs are gener 
vantage vis a vis other institutions that do
ally interdisciplinary and dedicated to
offer courses that include lgbt subject
exploring new perspectives, they are
often an appropriate place for lgbt orient 
ed courses to be housed.
While the impetus for a course may come
from either students or faculty, obviously
Assuming that the proposal meets no
faculty are essential to the process of
opposition from the department, it must
developing the rationale and, at least one
then be presented to the curriculum com 
faculty member who agrees to teach the
mittee.  From this point on, your school s
course must be identified.  
procedures for instituting a new course
should be followed.  
Students wishing to start a course should
have a fairly concrete idea of what type
On some campuses it is possible to offer
of class they would like it to be.  This
a course as a  special topics  course,
decision might evolve from a search of
which provides a way of documenting
materials thought to be suitable for a gen 
interest and demand before approaching a
eral survey course.
department about regularizing a lgbt
After devising a rough outline of the
course s proposed contents (ideally stu 
LGBT Perspectives in Mainstream
dents and faculty will work together dur 
ing this process), the faculty member
must bring the proposed course to the
Another way to introduce lgbt issues into
attention of her/his academic department.
academia is to incorporate them into
Departmental opposition to your pro 
existing courses.  For example, the work
posed course does not necessarily spell
of a lesbian or gay author can always be
failure.  There are numerous ways for stu 
taught in a literature class.  Lesbian, gay,
dents to apply pressure on the department
bisexual and transgender historical or
in question in order to persuade them to
political figures are easily included
support the proposal.
in courses in a variety
of disciplines.  Having
Some avenues might include:
lgbt per 
1) circulating a student/faculty petition;
2) meeting with deans and other academ 
ic and non academic administrators;
3) asking allied alumni/ae to lobby the
department; and 
4) where they exist, working through fac 
ulty, staff and student lgbt committees
and presidential/chancellorial task forces.  
spectives presented in mainstream
In the event that these options prove inef 
courses will ideally have the effect of
fective, another possible alternative is to
heightened awareness of lgbt people,
2 8 4
P r a c t i c a l   A p p l i c a t i o n s


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