A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
a.  In cases where the group plan does not
The argument that the university ought
cover DP s, some employers have
not penalize such political or ideological
allowed employees to negotiate directly
convictions is reasonably powerful.  But
with the insurance company, or they ve
we believe the argument that it ought not
come up with some other interim, com 
penalize the long term relationships of
promise solutions.
those (gay and lesbians) who do not have
the option to marry is all the more com 
b.  According to Hollywood Supports,
insurers now offering DP coverage on a
fully insured basis, at least in parts of the
6)  What About Marriage?  
country, include CIGNA, Aetna, Pruden 
NGLTF and Lambda Legal Defense and
tial, Blue Cross, Pacificare, Kaiser and
Education Fund, along with other lgbt
Vision Service Plan.
organizations, are pushing for both mar 
riage and DP benefits.  They admonish,
5)  Should Heterosexual Domestic
however that the two are not synony 
Partners Be Eligible for Benefits?  
mous.  Not all lesbian and gay people
After much discussion and debate on this
want to get married.  Domestic partner 
issue, Stanford University decided to
ship, as an alternative family structure, is
offer health benefits to lesbian and gay
freed from the religious associations that
domestic partners only, having concluded
accompany the institution of marriage,
The argument for covering hetero 
which many people reject.  This does not
sexual domestic partners not withstand 
mean, however, that they should be dis 
ing the availability of marriage is that for
criminated against in employment com 
some heterosexual partners, the choice
pensation or benefits.
not to marry reflects a political or ideo 
logical opposition to marriage, not mere 
ly the absence of commitment.
Photo   1995 Rose Masterpol
D P   H e a l t h   B e n e f i t s     M     2 7 5


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