L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
sickness/disability benefits;
of college and university employees, the
following suggestions may be applied to
relocation compensation and counsel 
other related efforts, such as opening
family student housing and/or offering
tuition benefits to domestic partners.  
tuition assistance for spouses and chil 
Key elements include:
The Non discrimination Policy.
discounts on company goods and ser 
prerequisite for successful DP organiz 
ing on campus is an expressed institu 
tional policy barring discrimination in
use of company cars;
employment (including compensation)
on the basis of gender, sexual orienta 
company, campus housing;
tion or marital status.  Where such a
policy is in place, were the institution
paid parking; and
to pay a different cash salary to
employees based on their gender, mar 
access to health care reimbursement
ital status or sexual orientation, it
would clearly violate the institution s
nondiscrimination policy.  The dis 
Current Status of Employee DP
criminatory effect of a benefits pro 
Health Benefits
gram that does not recognize domestic
partners is identical.
According to Hollywood Supports, over
200 organizations, institutions, and
With the nondiscrimination policy in
municipalities offer DP health benefits,
place, the institution has implicitly
including over 30 campuses (both private
committed itself to treat domestic part 
and public institutions, see Appendix A,
nerships as equivalent to marriage.
p 276).  Nearly 60 campuses offer other
types of "soft" benefits, those that have
While the policy may or may not have
little or no financial impact on the institu 
legal force in determining benefits, it
tion, such as library cards and recreation
definitely has moral force.  To con 
center privileges.  NOTE:  Often it is
clude otherwise is to conclude that
wise for campus organizers to work
while gay and lesbian employees are
toward the adoption of these non mone 
entitled to equal treatment and respect
tary benefits before pushing the institu 
with married employees, the intimate,
tion to provide benefits, like health insur 
long term committed relationships
ance that could have an economic impact.
they form are not.  
Domestic Partner Organizing 
See Chapter 7, p. 161, for organizing
strategies aimed at including sexual
orientation in campus nondiscrimina 
Although, as indicated previously, the
tion policies.
focus of this section is on organizing for
health benefits for the domestic partners
2 7 2
P r a c t i c a l   A p p l i c a t i o n s


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