A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
We will hold the vigils on a weekly basis, on the same day and at the same hour. Our goal is to have not
only student and faculty participation but to also have the Los Angeles community join in, as well. We
hope to include the entertainment industry, the gay and lesbian community, religious leaders and orga 
nizations, the business community, etc. We realize that on some days we may only have a few people
holding vigil while on other days we may have large numbers as we enlist entire groups to join our
Additional rallies, teach ins and art and music festivals will be organized as a means to draw mass sup 
port and further educate the community. We will attempt to draw maximum exposure both on and off
campus. We are hopeful that these events will evoke a passionate response   a response that will make
the voice of those seeking justice to be heard clearly in the halls of power.
A further educational tool is an organizer training seminar that is taught each semester and sponsored,
in part, by the student government. The purpose of this seminar is to teach students the skills needed to
organize around an issue. This semester the Freedom Project will be co sponsoring the seminar. As a
result, the entire program will be built around the ROTC UCLA partnership. We hope to enlist a whole
new group of enthusiastic, hard working student leaders and activists, educating them on this issue,
ensuring that they understand its importance and giving a whole new generation a commitment to fight 
ing in Justice.
Time Line:
September 1, 1994:  have agreement from all parties on strategy for Phase Two.
have agreement on timeline.
have agreement on assignments and responsibilities.
September 15, 1994: have materials and products ready.
have outline of first Bruin ads.
have training session outline completed and in place.
have a statement to be signed by University leadership.
September 30, 1994:  first ads have run in the Daily Bruin, Frontiers, and Gay & Lesbian Times.
continue circulating statement for University leadership.
distribution of materials and products on campus.
gay and lesbian community mailing urging support.
October 15, 1994:
organizing workshop completed.
vigils begin on Oct. 11, 1994 (National Coming Out Day) 12:00 noon and every
Tuesday thereafter.
rally/festival/teach in organized for COD.
ads in Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Frontiers, Lesbian News and Gay and Les
bian Times to bring attention to and enlist support for the vigils.
October 30, 1994: 
second set of ads run.
A p p e n d i x   E :   P r o g r e s s   R e p o r t     M     2 6 1


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