L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
  Several other schools in California and across the nation have already severed their ties with
ROTC and our effort has drawn interest and inquiries from such campuses as the University of
Minnesota, Georgetown University, Rutgers, the University of California Santa Barbara and
Brown University, to name a few. 
  The Chancellor's office has acknowledged receipt of our letter outlining steps the University
can take to end this partnership in discrimination. It is our hope that the Chancellor will take the
summer to expedite their implementation. If, however, the University remains uncommitted to
the removal of ROTC by the end of the fall semester, we are prepared to escalate our efforts.
As you can see, Phase one has accomplished the goal of creating awareness and action through non vio 
lent organizing and the project is serving as a model for other universities interested in creating similar
social change. We are now prepared to move into Phase Two of the Freedom Project.
Phase Two (September 1994   January 1995)
Phase two will begin the process of taking this new awareness and turning it into the first steps of
non violent action. A strong and promising coalition has been established among business, political,
spiritual, entertainment industry, campus and community leaders both gay and non gay to continue the
movement. As the semester begins we intend to remind the students of the discrimination with an intense
blitz of informational literature, advertisements, T shirts, buttons, etc. We will emphasize the fact that
UCLA does not have the ability to change national policy but that UCLA does have the power to ter 
minate its relationship with ROTC because of this discriminatory policy. Such an action, should it
became a national trend, could have a serious impact on national policy regarding gay and lesbian rights.
It is important to understand that we have a new obstacle to face in this semester of organizing. It appears
that the United States Congress will succeed in passing legislation which will punish universities that
remove ROTC from their campuses   if ROTC is removed because of discrimination based on sexual
orientation. This will in turn create a policy of officially sanctioned, forced discrimination on student
communities around the country. The universities of our country will now be legally forced to discrim 
inate by the United States government. This will create great concern among the students and educators
of this nation, quite possibly giving a sense of urgency to our endeavors.
Steps that will be implemented in the fall semester include a series of actions designed to attract people
to our cause. These actions are not about expressing anger at the injustice but about building a powerful
coalition dedicated to working toward justice. These actions are designed to make it easy for concerned
newcomers to join us in taking the first step towards fighting discrimination. Once we have them com 
mitted to creating change then we will feel comfortable in asking them to make even greater sacrifices,
should the need arise.
Other activities that have been discussed by those involved with the organizing include weekly Univer 
sity vigils, teach ins, rallies,  zaps  (small, quick actions that are not offensive but will serve as daily
reminders of the ROTC issue), a possible music festival, op ed pieces and paid advertisements in the
Daily Bruin and other local publications
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