A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
Foundation for Civil Rights
David Mixner, Tony Leonhardt
Report on Freedom Project Los Angeles
Aug. 3, 1994
Phase One of the Freedom Project has been completed and deemed extremely successful. We have
accomplished our ultimate goal of awakening the community and the UCLA student body and adminis 
tration to the partnership in discrimination between UCLA and ROTC. The following is a synopsis of
the accomplishments of the Freedom Project thus far:
  In depth research was performed and recorded regarding the status of ROTC on the campus of
UCLA, how UCLA supports the program and how this support violates state and local discrim 
ination laws as well as UCLA's own nondiscrimination policy. 
  Key decision makers and organizers have been enlightened to the principles of non violent
organizing and action in the spirit of Gandhi and King. 
  The student body and administration of UCLA, as well as the Los Angeles community in gen 
eral, have been made aware of the discrimination that is inherent to the ROTC program, that it
is a major issue and that it is an issue that will continue to be addressed until justice is served.
Student and community leadership has been enlisted and an organizing effort established to
attain this goal. 
  Full page advertisements in both the New York Times and the Daily Bruin brought public atten 
tion to this blatant discrimination resulting in the signing of nearly 4,000  Statements of Con 
science  condemning UCLA's partnership with ROTC. 
 The advertising campaign, as well as the organizing effort itself, has sparked favorable media
interest generating a number of op ed pieces, television news reports and stories in the local and
campus newspapers.
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