L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
We ask Chancellor Young to:
1) Discontinue UCLA's financial support of ROTC and disallow the use of University facilities.
2) Mobilize the UC Board of Regents and the Council of Chancellors to take whatever steps are
required to separate ROTC from the University as a way to bring the University into compliance
with its own nondiscrimination policy.
3) Push the Council of Chancellors to issue a joint statement condemning both current DOD poli 
cies mandating discrimination against lesbians, gay men and bisexuals and the continued pres 
ence of ROTC in light of these policies.
4) Initiate meetings with California legislative leadership and lobby to enlist support for separating
ROTC from the University.
5) Barring a full separation of ROTC from the University, take the necessary steps to ensure that all
UCLA students, regardless of sexual orientation, are able to fully participate in all ROTC pro 
grams, including all non credit classes, trainings and scholarship programs. UCLA should also
be prepared to fund ROTC scholarship recipients who, upon revealing their homosexuality, are
banned from the ROTC program and stripped of their scholarships.
6) Meet with the editorial boards of both on  and off campus media to clarify the University's posi 
tion with regard to U.S. Military policy and ROTC.
7) Discontinue allowing Judge Advocate General corps to recruit within the school of law.
8) Write letters to the Secretary of Defense and the President of the United States encouraging an
end to the current policies of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.
9) Create and fund a campus wide symposium to discuss lesbian, gay and bisexual concerns, includ 
ing ROTC discrimination.
10) Continue to address the needs of UCLA's lesbian, gay and bisexual community through curric 
ular reform, targeted programs and services.
2 5 0
A p p e n d i x   C :   C h a n c e l l o r   L e t t e r


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