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LOS ANGELES_____________________________________________________
7985 Santa Monica Blvd., Ste. 109 58 West Hollywood, CA 90046     (213) 848 4458
WE STAND TOGETHER to condemn all forms of discrimination. We believe that the struggle against
discrimination is never ending and, as a people who love liberty, we embrace that struggle. Therefore
we pledge to remove all  barriers of prejudice  to every citizen's civil and human rights.
One such barrier is in our very midst. The Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) programs at the
University of California, Los Angeles   one of the country's foremost universities   impose Jim Crow 
style legal restrictions on young, openly gay and lesbian students. An ROTC student discovered to be
homosexual may be investigated and dismissed from the program. Frequently, dismissal is followed by
legal action taken in an attempt to force the student to pay back any scholarship money received.
These military training programs are open to a11 other students without restrictions on their freedom.
ROTC is the only program on campus that is required by the government to discriminate. Because of
the fifty year old Department of Defense ban on lesbians and gay men in the military (a policy that has
been kept virtually intact under the new  don't ask, don't tell  guidelines) only gay and lesbian stu 
dents are denied their freedom.
The UC Code of Student, Faculty and Staff Rights guarantees the right to free expression. To be
forced to lie about one's existence in order to participate in a University supported activity is absolute 
ly unacceptable. Not only is such discrimination a violation of Los Angeles and California law, it is an
insult to human dignity and takes a brutal toll on the individual. Young gay and lesbian people are thus
forced to live with an undeserved fear and sense of shame at an especially formative period of their
Although the UCLA faculty, the UC Student Government and the United States Student Association
have officially condemned ROTC policies, inaction on the part of the UCLA's Chancellor and Board
of Regents ensures that these blatantly discriminatory programs will continue. In spite of the fact that
UCLA policy prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, ROTC is housed in Universi 
ty facilities and taxpayer monies are used to operate the programs. Furthermore, ROTC is a significant
source of individual scholarship funding which is denied only to openly gay and lesbian students.
A program whose guiding principles officially and unapologetically call for discrimination against
anyone has no place in an institution of higher learning.  By allowing ROTC's homophobic practices
to stand, UCLA sends the unacceptable message to all that discrimination may be overlooked.  We are
appalled by this morally bankrupt policy.  We ask that the University immediately comply with its
own nondiscrimination policy and take expedient steps to enforce that policy in all departments and
programs.  We further ask that Los Angeles and California leaders and elected officials bring their
power and influence to bear in righting this unconscionable wrong.  
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