A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
for Phase II, along with a budget for the
that reality, FPLA is currently silent,
allowing the wheels of the University to
turn as they will, but prepared to become
Phase II:  
mobilized again if circumstances so dic 
Nonviolent Demonstrations.  While
Phase I was designed to heighten com 
munity and campus awareness of ongo 
FPLA: Key Elements
ing discrimination against lgbt students at
UCLA, the goal of Phase II, which com 
1)  Solid and careful research.  The rela 
menced in the fall of 1994, was to apply
tionship between ROTC and host institu 
increased pressure on the University to
tions is complex and often confusing.
take steps to remove ROTC from the
The better this relationship is understood,
campus.  Beginning with UCLA s obser 
the better able organizers will be at coun 
vance of National Coming Out Day
tering institutional resistance to their
(October 11), which actually stretched
requests and/or demands.
into a week of activities (see Appendix F,
pp 263 268), FPLA organizers planned a
2)  A realistic and doable set of demands
series of events   rallies, vigils and
for the institution.  What is in its control?
demonstrations   to be held on campus
What is within the DOD's control?  What
on a weekly basis throughout the fall.
do we want the institution to do to show
that its relationship with the DOD is sev 
For a variety of reasons, these events
ered or that it is now in compliance with
failed to attract the hoped for crowds,
its own nondiscrimination policy?
although they were nevertheless well 
covered in the campus and off campus
3)  A true partnership between communi 
media (including a story in the Washing 
ty organizers and student organizers.
ton Post), which, in a slightly different
During both phases of FPLA, off campus
way than planned, did apply pressure to
participants always responded and
the University and its leadership.  The list
deferred to the opinions, judgment calls
of planned events as described in Appen 
and academic calendars of student partic 
dix G, however, provides a model for a
series of activities designed to build
momentum over a period of several
4)  Student, staff and faculty readiness.
months and to be a constant reminder to
Before vigorous pressure could be
university leadership that the community
applied to University leadership to move
is serious about ending ROTC discrimi 
on ROTC, an assessment of student, fac 
ulty and staff "readiness"  had to be con 
ducted.  Did they know, for instance, the
An anticipated Phase III:
"Don t Ask, Don t Tell, Don t Pursue" did
A more aggressive, though still nonvio 
not stop discrimination against lgbts in
lent, program of civil disobedience has
the US Military?  The Statement of Con 
not yet materialized.  As of summer
science was conceived not only as an
1995, the issue of ROTC is still on the
expression of support for the cause of
agenda of campus based lgbt organizers,
ending ROTC discrimination at UCLA,
but, as is the case on many campuses, it is
but to educate the campus and the broad 
not at the top of that agenda.  Respecting
er community.
E n d i n g   R O T C   D i s c r i m i n a t i o n     M     2 4 3


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