L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
posed that this center be approved initially as a three year  pilot program.  Ideally, the center would be
characterized by the following attributes and functions:
   A physical location (totaling approximately 500 square feet) that includes four distinct spaces: a
reception area with shelves to contain resource materials (100 square feet), a meeting room that
can accommodate up to 20 people (200 square feet), and private offices conducive to confiden 
tial counseling and advising for two professional staff members (100 square feet each). The
space would  most likely be administratively located in Student Affairs in a facility that is
accessible during the evening hours;
   Two professional FTE at the Senior Administrative Analyst level (one male and one female),
preferably with experience in student affairs areas and/or lesbian/gay related social service.
Administrative support to be provided by student work/study clerk(s);
   Counseling and referral services related primarily to  coming out  issues,  safer sex  and other
physical and mental health related matters, and extracurricular and community service opportu 
nities, both on and off campus. The Center would not attempt to usurp or duplicate other cam 
pus counseling and advising services but would function as a  point of entry  to appropriate
offices, individuals, and resources;
   Advising of GALA and other student groups in conjunction with advisors in the Center for Stu 
dent Programming; Community Education and Outreach, including participation in orientation
programs for new students and staff; training programs for orientation and residence hall stu 
dent staff members, UCPD, Student Health, and other campus units; and the development of a
speaker's bureau;
    Umbrella coordination of campus lesbian and gay organizations (a partial list of these organiza 
tions appears is Appendix B);
   Networking and information sharing with other campuses in California and across the country,
    Home base  for the cultivation of role modeling and mentoring opportunities involving stu 
dents, faculty, and staff. Includes coordination of staff/faculty volunteers who will have a regu 
larly scheduled presence in the Center. It is requested that staff who wish to volunteer be pro 
vided with up to two hours per week of release time to enable them to do so;
   Sensitivity to people of color interests and concerns in such areas as outreach, service delivery,
and representation and visibility on paid and/or volunteer staff;
   Reporting and referral center for victims of anti lesbian/anti gay harassment or violence; and.
Program review at the end of each year.
An advisory committee or governing board will be established to monitor policies, programs and activ 
ities associated with the Resource Center. This body will be made up of diverse individuals represent 
ing students (undergraduate and graduate), faculty, staff, and the broader (non UCLA) community.
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A p p e n d i x   A :   S a m p l e   P r o p o s a l


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