A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
The rapidly changing demographic profile of Southern California presents some unique challenges
for the University of California, Los Angeles. Because of its stature as a world class research universi 
ty and owing to the broad cultural and ethnic diversity that characterizes its campus community, UCLA
is well situated to become a role model for other communities grappling with issues of diversity, accep 
tance, and pluralism.
In characteristic fashion, UCLA is rising to these challenges, demonstrating   in both words and
deeds a commitment to creating a campus environment that not only tolerates but celebrates UCLA's
rich diversity. Through both curricular and extracurricular approaches for students and through special
educational programs designed for faculty and staff, individuals at UCLA are learning to respect and
appreciate the ways in which they differ from one another.
Until now, UCLA's efforts to promote pluralistic values within the campus community have
focused primarily on race and ethnicity. Only occasionally has the dialogue been expanded to include
other diverse sub populations. In particular, the issues and concerns of UCLA's lesbian and gay com 
munity are consistently relegated to a comparatively minor position on the University's diversity agen 
da. Nevertheless, UCLA is in a position to exercise its characteristic leadership in creating a model
campus community in which all manner of differences, including differences in sexual orientation, are
UCLA Campus Climate for Lesbians and Gay Men
UCLA supports a number of organizations that respond directly to the needs and interests of les 
bians and gay men on campus. At the same time, a number of anti gay incidents point to the need for
continued efforts to develop a campus climate supportive of lesbians and gay men.
On the positive side, the institutional support for Ten Percent, the campus lesbian and gay quarterly
newspaper, the Gay and Lesbian Association (GALA), an undergraduate student organization, and oth 
er lesbian and gay campus groups indicate that UCLA is aware that lesbians and gay men have specific
concerns and is relatively supportive of efforts to address them. Additionally, Student Psychological
Services and Student Health Services offer a number of programs that address, both directly and indi 
rectly, the needs of the campus gay, lesbian, and bisexual communities. Notable among these are the
Men's Health Clinic, which is involved in a variety of HIV related physical and mental health issues,
the Kaleidoscope Theater troupe, which uses theater to encourage safer sex practices among heterosex 
ual and homosexual students, and Rap Groups, which provide support for individuals on campus who
are dealing with  coming out,  relationships, and HIV related concerns. Further, the recent formulation
of both a lesbian and gay faculty/staff organization and a lesbian and gay alumni association may be
regarded as positive steps toward ensuring that UCLA is a safe, hospitable environment for the lesbian
and gay individuals who study, teach, and work on the campus.
Despite the existence of these structural and organizational support mechanisms, members of
UCLA's lesbian and gay community have experienced many of the same difficulties described by indi 
viduals on other, arguably less supportive, campuses. Specifically, several recent events involving gay,
and lesbian UCLA students   harassment of a group of lesbian students at a UCLA football game; a
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