L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
specify, specify.  Rather than asking for
funding to build resources in the office,
ask for money for books.  Rather than
To explore means of augmenting the
asking for money for books, present your
Resource Office s budget.
donors with a list of titles you would like
to acquire for the center.  (The list in
Discuss fundraising techniques and
Appendix B, pp 237 238, is a good place
successes with other Resource Office
to start.)
Directors, such as the Women's
Resources Center; and
Advisory Structure for Resources
Explore support from the lgbt Alum 
ni/ae group and the wider lgbt commu 
To create and sustain a mechanism
through which the Campus lgbt commu 
Once again, cooperation is the best poli 
nity, as well as the wider lgbt community,
cy.  Make sure you work with other cam 
can offer guidance and suggestions for
pus lgbt organizations and networks.  Not
the Resources Office.
only will you see what's worked for them
Institute an Advisory Committee com 
and what hasn't, but you might have a
prised of representatives from all
chance to meet with their donors and sup 
Campus lgbt constituencies:  students,
porters.  You should offer to work in
faculty, staff, alumni/ae.  Work with
close cooperation with your school's
this Advisory Committee on an on 
development office.  This cooperative
going basis;
relationship will not only keep your
administration happy, but you will find
Participate in a year end review of the
that development professionals can give
Resources Office, to be conducted by
you valuable advice on how to approach
Advisory Committee; and
potential donors, how to make your pitch,
Host a "Town Hall," possibly with the
undergraduate student group as co 
host, to solicit campus, particularly
Be creative in thinking about
student, input on the Resources
who your allies in the com 
Office s activities, potential, and place
munity might be.  Is there a
within the university.
women's center in your city?
What about progressive reli 
gious congregations?  Alter 
Listen, listen, listen.  Ask questions about
native bookstores?
how you're doing.  Get feedback.  If you
don't hear any negative comments, ask
and how to go back for further funding on
more questions.  
a regular basis. 
If you find yourself approaching potential
You can't be all things to all people.
donors and supporters directly, you'll
Many lgbt center staff have found that
find that pitches aimed at a particular pur 
expectations have been building for their
pose will be the most effective.  Specify,
center for so long that at least a few peo 
2 2 6
P r a c t i c a l   A p p l i c a t i o n s


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