A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
host academic forums, AIDS memori 
academic forums, placing interns, etc.  If
als, social events, etc.
you don't have these community
resources, be creative in thinking about
Develop internship programs with
who your allies in the community might
city wide and national lgbt agencies;
be.  Is there a women's center in your
city?  What about progressive religious
congregations?  Alternative bookstores?
Introduce Resources Office to the gen 
Even if you can't work with the local
eral lgbt community (with particular
chapter of a well known lgbt organiza 
emphasis on lgbt political figures, non 
tion on a day to day basis, you can still
Campus lgbt academic figures and
develop excellent cooperative relation 
leadership of minority lgbt organiza 
ships with allies in your area.  These rela 
tions) through Open House soon after
tionships can be instrumental in helping
center's opening.
your center reach its goals.  What's more,
they can be excellent opportunities for
your student interns to develop profes 
Once again, the above guidelines are
sionally in an atmosphere in which their
written for a particular situation:  a center
lgbt status is not only accepted by posi 
housed in a large, diverse university
tively valued.
located in a major metropolitan area.
You may not have 15 or 20 city wide and
national lgbt organizations with whom to
cooperate as you think about co hosting
Photo   1995 Alex Zaphiris
L G B T   R e s o u r c e   C e n t e r s     M     2 2 5


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