L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
quite dangerous, as they can set the scene
Foster alliances with other minority
for the development of inappropriate and
organizations on campus.
sometimes exploitative relationships.)
If you're going to do anything useful or
productive with your center, start here.
Your best role might be to
Find out what other minority student
stay in the background, doing
groups and centers exist on your campus.
as much grunt work as possi 
Find out what their goals are, and find out
ble while you let students
what you can do to help them reach them.
take the credit for what might
be in actuality your success 
You might have to take the first step in
es.  Often, the process can be
reaching out, especially if your center is
more important than the
new.  You might have to go back to the
result, especially with such a
same people more than once to build up
critical process   training stu 
trust.  Do it.  Coalition building might be
dents to become leaders and
the single most important thing you can
take responsibility   at work.
do with your center.  
There's an extra value in coalition build 
ing that you might not even be aware of
Off campus lgbt connections can be
as you begin the process:  very few of
extremely useful.  Many lgbt center staff
your students will fall into just one
members feel a lack of peer support in
minority group.  A Latina lesbian should 
their work.  There might be other, some 
n't have to decide whether she will fore 
what similar centers on campus, maybe
ground her Latina identity, her status as a
even with similar missions.  However,
woman, or her lesbianism.  By building
most lgbt center staff are the only campus
bridges between these groups, you are
professionals specifically charged with
lessening the divisiveness and complica 
service to the lgbt community.  If you
tions faced day and day out by students
would like to share the experience of oth 
who are members of more than one
ers who have been in your position, be
minority group.
sure to reach out to your peers around the
Outreach to Campus non LGBT
Non Academic, 
Non Campus Outreach
To form links between lgbt students and
To promote the integration of the Campus
the  non Campus, non academic lgbt
lgbt community with the non lgbt com 
community so as to provide a mutual
munity to the benefit of both communi 
exchange for energy and resources.  Ulti 
ties; to form alliances with other minori 
mate goal:  to prepare Campus lgbt stu 
ty communities so as to lessen the diffi 
dents for productive roles within wider
culties of simultaneous membership in
lgbt community.
more than one minority community.
General/Political lgbt.  Work with city 
wide and national lgbt agencies to co 
2 2 4
P r a c t i c a l   A p p l i c a t i o n s


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