A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
Develop means of assisting students in
including student, faculty, staff and
responding to political events through
alumni/ae groups; and
letter writing, in cooperation with
Outside Campus, by working with oth 
local lgbt political agencies and cen 
er Resource Centers locally and
nationally, by maintaining close ties
with local and national lgbt organiza 
Clearly, your level of support for other
tions, and by participating in lgbt con 
lgbt organizations on your campus will
vary with the needs of these groups.  The
above guidelines were written with long 
Again, these guidelines will be appropri 
standing but somewhat inactive student
ate for some campuses and not as rele 
groups (largely social and  rap  groups)
vant for others.  The above activities were
in mind.  These groups had some difficul 
undertaken on a campus with fairly spe 
ty in meeting the administrative require 
cialized groups already in place:  faculty,
ments of maintaining a continuous cam 
staff, students and alumni/ae all had their
pus presence, and so it was appropriate
own groups.  In this situation, the Center
for the Center to offer organizational sup 
can take a lead role in tying these groups
port.  If your student groups are similarly
 organizationally challenged,  do what
you can to get them back on their feet, but
be careful that you don't sap anyone's
initiative by imposing your ideas and
agenda unnecessarily.  Your best role
might be to stay in the background, doing
as much grunt work as possible while you
let students take the credit for what might
be in actuality your successes.  Often, the
process can be more important than the
result, especially with such a critical
Cross pollination can be highly reward 
process   training students to become
ing for all sides of the exchange.  For
leaders and take responsibility   at work. 
example, if you can develop a collabora 
tive relationship between your lgbt
Work in Concert/Coordination
Alumni/ae group and your undergraduate
with Other Campus LGBT Groups
student groups, you will not only provide
and Networks
the students with role models, but you
will quite possibly add a new purposeful 
ness and integration into campus affairs
to the alumni/ae.  (One caution:  do be
To assist in coordination of activities of
careful when mixing alumni/ae, particu 
and information regarding other lgbt enti 
larly those who might be recently out of
school, and younger undergraduates.
Professional relationships, such as men 
On campus, by providing "umbrella
torships and advisory councils, are very
coordination" of information regard 
productive.  Social gatherings, particular 
ing campus lgbt entities and activities,
ly those which feature alcohol, can be
L G B T   R e s o u r c e   C e n t e r s     M     2 2 3


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