A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
efforts, such as the retrieval, and in
some cases, creation of, flyers,
brochures, etc., on lgbt resources
Be creative and aggressive in collecting
available both on campus and in the
and distributing information.  Make sure
wider community.  Include informa 
you meet with all relevant campus ser 
tion on:
vice providers at least once.  Your refer 
rals will be much more effective if
Health resources, with particular
they're based on personal knowledge.
emphasis on lesbian health issues and
Once again, use your feet.  
HIV services, especially information
from Student Health Services and the
Don't assume that only those services
wider community:  city  or region 
that are clearly marked  lesbian  or
wide service providers;
 gay  or  bisexual  will be useful for
your visitors.  For example, substance
Psychological services, from Student
abuse can be a tremendous problem for
Psychological Services and the wider
the lgbt student community, and so you
community (many students might feel
should make sure you have resources
trepidation at coming out or dealing
available to meet the needs of those with
with lgbt issues on campus);
substance abuse issues.  
Anti Violence/Victim Recovery Ser 
Make your information available in the
Center, but make sure that you've got a
good selection of flyers, brochures, etc.,
Academic resources;
hanging outside the Center, too.  Many
students, especially those most in the
Career planning services; and
closet, might not be comfortable coming
into the Center and meeting with a staff
Social/networking opportunities.
person, but they might be able to walk by
the Center after hours and pore over a
Hold regular office hours and be avail 
bulletin board.  Make sure you keep a
able through appointments to guide
back up copy of everything on the board,
access to these informational
and don't assume vandalism if flyers reg 
ularly disappear; you might just be reach 
ing members of the community who can
Provide "passive" informational
only walk by and grab information to
resources, available at all hours and to
read it in private.
students at all levels of comfort with
self identification as gay, lesbian
If you have use of computers, an Internet
bisexual, through the use of bulletin
account, and access to someone with 'Net
boards and flyers outside the office;
expertise, you might think about creating
a series of WWW pages to describe your
Center and your school's lgbt resources.
Develop electronic means of dissemi 
WWW pages can be great links to other
nating these information resources,
lgbt resources, as well.  Pages and
possibly through the creation of a
addresses come and go, but the Internet
series of WWW pages.
allows complete access to information in
L G B T   R e s o u r c e   C e n t e r s     M     2 2 1


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