L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
Host a "Town Hall," possibly with a
it's important to use your feet to get out to
student group as co host, to solicit
the lgbt communities on your campus.  
campus, particularly student, input on
the Resources Office s activities,
Many campuses have discovered that an
potential, and place within the univer 
e mail list server is a tremendous
sity; and
resource for connecting lgbt students,
faculty and staff.  There's no better way
Develop strategies for publicizing
to reach as many people, both out and rel 
Resources Office, including: 
atively closeted, with as little effort.  Be
aware, though, that many students do not
Electronic resources:  lgbt e mail
have e mail.  Consistency is important in
server and World Wide Web (WWW)
maintaining the credibility and useful 
ness of an e mail news service:  just as
with office hours, it can be harmful to
Campus newspaper and radio
offer only sporadic service.  If you can't
commit to maintaining an e mail news
Paid advertising 
service, consider holding off until you
Obviously, your outreach efforts must be
Be available every day at
customized to your campus.  Still, a few
regular times.  Publicize
principles should always hold true:  Face 
these times in as many ways
to face meetings, although extremely
as you can, then make sure
time consuming, are invaluable in estab 
your Center maintains them.
lishing a Resource Office's presence on
Nothing will discourage stu 
campus.  Be available every day at regu 
dents faster than coming to
lar times.  Publicize these times in as
an closed Center they had
been told would be open.
many ways as you can, then make sure
your Center maintains them.  Nothing
will discourage students faster than com 
have the hardware and person power to
ing to an closed Center they had been told
keep it running regularly.
would be open.  For greatest accessibili 
ty, stagger these office hours (e.g., early
Utilize Office Space as a Drop In
morning, lunch time, early evening).
and Walk By Informational
One or two campus wide  Town Hall 
meetings can be very useful in gathering
input, raising the profile of the Resources
Office, and fostering a sense of commu 
To create an approachable, consistently
staffed office space with informational
resources for the campus lgbt communi 
As valuable as office hours and Town
Hall meetings are, you shouldn't expect
students to come to you.  Get out to their
Develop informational resources of
groups and introduce the Office to them.
interest to the Campus lgbt communi 
In the early stages of a Resources Office,
ty through active data gathering 
2 2 0
P r a c t i c a l   A p p l i c a t i o n s


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