A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
needs of lgbt students.  For example,
Collect anecdotal reports from student
 serving all students equally  might
outreach efforts.
mean, to a health services worker, that all
women should be asked about birth con 
trol methods.  Obviously, lesbians need
Not all schools undertake campus wide
different questions during their gyneco 
surveys with regularity.  Even those
logical exams.  Make sure you communi 
which do perform regular surveys might
cate these particular needs to service
not be willing to insert questions on lgbt
student experience.  If you don't have
access to a campus wide survey, you
Assess the Experience and Needs
might turn to the graduate departments of
of Campus LGBT Students
education, statistics or sociology to dis 
cuss commissioning a survey on campus
lgbt life.  Perhaps you could arrange for
academic or internship credit for the stu 
To develop information on the experi 
dents who work with you on this survey.
ence, needs and hopes of lgbt students to
Even if a campus wide survey is not
better provide resources to meet lgbt stu 
available to you, you can still collect
dent needs; and to build mechanisms for
individual, anecdotal reports of campus
lgbt students to make their unique contri 
life.  Go to student lgbt groups; encour 
butions to the school and the wider com 
age students to meet with your Center's
staff.  Be as aggressive as possible in
Insert relevant questions on Campus
assessing the quality of lgbt life on your
lgbt experience and needs into cam 
pus wide survey; 
Outreach to/Working with Campus
Analyze and develop means of acting
LGBT Students
on data gathered from campus wide
survey; and
To form mutually beneficial links
between the Resources Office and lgbt
students, and between diverse elements
of the lgbt community, both students and
non students. Ultimate goals:  to con 
tribute to the integration of the lgbt stu 
dent community with the wider campus
community, to the benefit of each; to pro 
mote diversity within the lgbt student
community; and to foster internal cohe 
sion within the lgbt student community.
Attend lgbt student meetings;
Be available, through posted hours and
by appointment, to students for one 
on one meetings;
L G B T   R e s o u r c e   C e n t e r s     M     2 1 9


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