A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
Paying Attention to the 
Developing and Running an
LGBT Resources Office:  
A Comprehensive Checklist
Be sure you listen to your school's
administration on their priorities for the
In the spring of 1995, UCLA opened its
center.  You might have a better aware 
LGBT Student Resources Office.  At that
ness than the administration does of the
time, UCLA already had several facul 
true needs of the lgbt communities on
ty/staff lgbt organizations, as well as at
your campus.  Even so, it only makes
least a dozen student groups.  That was
sense to ensure continued funding for the
the good news; the bad was that these
center by taking the administration's
groups didn't always talk to one another.
goals into your planning process.  A cen 
In many cases, especially among the stu 
ter that goes its own way and antagonizes
dents, people in lgbt groups didn't even
the administration might have an exciting
realize that similar groups existed.
year or two, but chances are it won't be
Inevitably, knowledge of services for lgbt
around to serve the lgbt communities
students was fragmented across the many
much longer than that.  In the example
communities that form UCLA.  
that follows, continued funding for the
center was contingent on demonstrating a
The Resources Office was created as a
lack of adequate services for the lgbt
hub for lgbt life on campus.  Rather than
communities.  Accordingly, the center's
providing services directly to students,
director made compiling a comprehen 
the Resources Office became an informa 
sive list of existing services, with inade 
tion clearing house for referrals to the
quacies clearly noted, a top priority.
services and programs already available
Another school might tie center funding
on campus and in the diverse (but often
to the creation of a social  safe space  for
fragmented) communities of the city of
all lesbians, gay men and bisexuals on
Los Angeles.
campus. In this case, you'd want to do all
you could to make the center known,
Within weeks of hiring its first director,
accessible and useful to all members of
UCLA's Resources Office had at least 25
your lgbt communities.  
student visitors and twice as many phone
calls per week.  The Resources Office
became so popular with students that a
staff of eight interns and several regular
volunteers developed spontaneously
within the first month the doors were
Below is a checklist of the duties the staff
and volunteers in UCLA's Resources
Office took on in their first few months.
This checklist is organized into those
tasks the Resources Office staff felt were
top priorities. 
Photo   1995 Karen Creitz
L G B T   R e s o u r c e   C e n t e r s     M     2 1 7


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