L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
Reading and Research Materials
ticularly their parents, might be more
familiar with another language.  
If your center will act as a repository for
lgbt reading and research materials on
Appendix B, pp 237 238 contains a sug 
campus, you might approach any local
gested list of lgbt publications to have on
bookstores with good lgbt stocks to ask
hand, including a few in Spanish.  You
them for donations.  When dealing with
could buy everything on this list for about
local merchants, you should remind them
$500.00, or you could use volunteer labor
that students are very good consumers,
to ask for donations from local book 
adding an offer to post a small sign with 
stores.  After you've finalized your list,
in the center acknowledging the mer 
you might present a copy of it to your
chant's generosity if they donate to your
library's acquisitions department, sug 
center.  If you have the budget to buy all
the books you need, try to secure dona 
Don't neglect diversity in
tions anyway, and put the money toward
your reading materials.
something you will need to pay for, such
While many lgbt bookstores
as renting a first release lgbt film to show
might concentrate primarily
on campus.  
on the white gay male experi 
ence, your Center shouldn't.
Before you select your books, take an
afternoon to find out what's available
already at your school's library.  Be sure
gesting that they use it build their lgbt
you check to make sure that what's listed
collection.  Two campus copies of any of
in the library catalog is actually on the
these books is certainly not too many!
shelf:  chances are many lgbt publications
have been stolen, either by people com 
Another excellent source for lgbt reading
ing out and too shy to actually check
materials is your own school's student
them out, or by those who feel that lgbt
body.  Chances are, students at your school
publications should not be tolerated in
are doing some sort of LGBT/Queer Theory
academic libraries.  You'll probably want
work.  Get in touch with lgbt students
to focus on  hands on  lgbt materials:
in the English, history, theology,
coming out books, lgbt legal guides, etc.
psychology, literary theory depart 
As useful as these books are, they are
ments and find out what they and
often the hardest to find in academic
their colleagues are working on.  Don't
neglect other departments you might not
think of as likely homes to LGBT/Queer
Don't neglect diversity in your reading
Theory work, such as architecture, public
materials.  While many lgbt bookstores
health, and the life sciences.  Much excel 
might concentrate primarily on the white
lent student work is lost each year simply
gay male experience, your Center should 
because no one collects and protects it.
n't.   Publications in languages other than
Dedicate a drawer in a filing cabinet, line
English are highly appropriate.  While
up a volunteer, put out the word, and
you might be able to assume that students
you'll have an archive of lgbt/Queer The 
on your campus are comfortable speaking
ory work that will only appreciate in val 
in English, many students' families, par 
ue over time.
2 1 6
P r a c t i c a l   A p p l i c a t i o n s


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