A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
to students.  On the other, students, par 
Think about displaying lgbt student art in
ticularly those who are in the midst of
your center.  Not only will you showcase
coming out, cannot be expected to know
work that might not be displayed else 
what is and is not appropriate.  
where, but you'll be creating a more wel 
coming atmosphere.  Another idea for
It is the staff's responsibility to maintain
your walls:  portraits of historical and
appropriate boundaries.  At a minimum,
contemporary lgbt figures.  Audre Lorde,
the staff should realize that all roman 
Harvey Milk, Bayard Rustin. . . .  Be
tic/sexual interaction with students is
aware that sexually explicit images might
strictly out of the question.  Any social
signify lgbt liberation for some, but can
interactions that carry romantic and/or
be off putting for other members of your
sexual connotations should be ruled out
as well.  Lunches on campus to continue
conversations that begin in the Center
If you have created an area for socializ 
might be acceptable; dinner off campus
ing, you'll need to demarcate a portion of
(in most cases) is not.  A good model to
your center for  work.   If you have staff,
follow is that of service provider/client,
marking this boundary becomes even
rather than peer/peer or friend/friend.  Be
more important.  Just as with social inter 
especially cautious regarding social situ 
actions, staff, rather than students, bear
ations where alcohol is served.  When it
the responsibility for creating this bound 
comes to setting boundaries, it is far bet 
ary.  A simple freestanding partition
ter to make the mistake of over cautious 
might be enough to subtly but effectively
separate staff work space from student
lounging space. 
Furnishing Your Center
If you've decided to create a social,
 drop in  space within your center, you'll
probably want to equip it with comfort 
able furniture and, at a minimum, some
lgbt publications.  Not enough room in
your budget for these things?  That might
not be a problem.  Pick up the phone,
write some letters, and ask for donations
of furnishings, magazines, even videos.
You'll be surprised at how receptive local
and national lgbt magazines and newspa 
pers are if you propose that they donate at
least one subscription to your center.  It
won't hurt to remind the publishers that
your center will be full of students, all
reading what's lying around, and all try 
ing to decide which magazines to sub 
scribe to.  
L G B T   R e s o u r c e   C e n t e r s   M     2 1 5


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