L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
have any doubt on this point, flip through
da for the meeting).  Take the time to
the nearest lgbt publication and count the
learn what other minority groups have set
number of people of color you find repre 
as their goals, then take the time to find
ways to work with them on those goals.
You will find the coalitions you build by
Never assume that any one film, lecture
working with other minority groups very
or magazine subscription will be equally
helpful in establishing your center.  
valuable to all users of your Center.  Plan
activities around the goals and needs of
Another advantage of building bridges
diverse lgbt communities.  A lesbian film
between minority groups is more subtle
festival, a lecture on the experience of
but just as important:  If you can forge a
lgbt Asian/Pacific Islanders, a workshop
link between your center and other under 
on African American lgbt religious expe 
represented groups, you'll lessen the
rience   all of these activities will help
complications and difficulties faced by
turn your Center into a beacon of diversi 
students who fall into more than one
ty for your entire school.
minority group.  To put it another way:  a
lesbian Chicana shouldn't have to choose
Working with Other LGBT Groups
between putting her energies into work 
on Campus
ing with the Chicana Caucus, the Femi 
nist Discussion Group, or the LGBT Cen 
If your school has a number of lgbt
ter.  If you can use your Center to net 
groups, you'll need to be extremely sen 
work these groups together, that student
sitive about the contributions already
won't have to channel her energies into a
being made by individuals in these
woman's group one day, a Chicana group
groups.  While you might be able to facil 
the next, and your center on the third.
itate the work of these groups, be aware
of the value and history of those individ 
Setting Boundaries
uals who were already serving the com 
munity before the arrival of the new
If you have a paid staff, you'll need to
office.  Make meeting with these individ 
answer some difficult questions on the
uals a first priority.  Learn from them.
extent to which the staff will socialize
Respect them.  Whatever you do, don't
alienate them.
If your school has a number
of lgbt groups, you'll need to
Building Coalitions with Other
be extremely sensitive about
Under represented Groups
the contributions already
being made by individuals in
Be sure to pay attention to the relation 
these groups.
ship between your center and your
school's other under represented groups.
Whenever possible, be the first to extend
with students.  You won't find the proper
a hand to these groups.  Make sure that
balance between friendliness and the
someone representing the center attends
maintenance of professional boundaries
at least one meeting of every minority
without some deliberation.  On the one
group on campus (call first to make sure
hand, the staff will probably hope to
your visit is included in the group's agen 
serve as a social and professional mentor
2 1 4
P r a c t i c a l   A p p l i c a t i o n s


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